Streaming has become so popular that it’s something that people of all ages actively engage in daily. From teenagers, adults, to elders, you can see streamers in virtually every corners of the Internet, speaking and doing various things aimed to entertain viewers.

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One of the most popular platform for streaming is YouTube, and there’s no shortage of children who had already racked up an impressive amount of viewers by recording themselves playing video games. But that’s about to change very soon, as YouTube has recently revised their policies and now will be limiting minors’ usage of the company’s services without supervision.

Change Of Plan

The decision is reported to be a move made by YouTube to protect minors who could be reached out and exploited through their livestreams, videos, and within the comments. Although there are zero doubts that this decision will be controversial, YouTube will not permit minors from live-streaming without the presence of an adult.

Cizzorz - a young streamer who was 'Swatted' during one of his daily stream - proves that YouTube isn't at all overreacting by changing their policies for minor streamers.

According to the statement released by YouTube to announce the change to policies, YouTube will only allow ‘younger minors’ to livestream themselves and their contents without an adult being visibly present. YouTube has also taken the liberty to disable the comments on videos made by minors. They had also planned to do the same to all future videos that these accounts posted. Certainly, there has been quite a lot of push-backs from the community, however, the company’s stance is quite solid in this one. So affected minors will have to be contented with having their parents or relatives close while they’re making six-figures or wait until they are fourteen years old.

A Positive Step

The interesting detail about this new change is that it would be automatically enforced by machines. Through machine learning, YouTube could detect videos featuring minors without having to manually trawl through millions of videos to find them. Though this technology is not perfect and some contents or accounts could slip through, especially when the children within the videos look older than most 13 years old. Aside from this, YouTube is straight-out terminating accounts found to be running by 13 years old. Some young content creators may have escaped this by registering their channels with a fake birthdate, however.

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LtCorbis and similar YouTube stars who are minors will have a lot of troubles with continuing their 'careers' in their future.

Despite many people - especially minors who are affected - are voicing out their frustration, this can generally be considered as a positive step towards protecting kids on the platform. Though there are still many issues troubling the platform, at least this change can be considered as a step in the right direction for this website.