YouTube is having a hard time facing its largest problem: the privacy of children. The company's executives are reportedly considering the children's content removal on their platform. If the decision were officially made, YouTube could possibly lose one of their most important draws.

The media giant YouTube has its own problems.

There are many reasons for this issue. But the biggest one should be the lack of security for children on YouTube, both as viewers and those who showed up in videos. YouTube has been receiving criticism for a long time, all for not having an effective way to ensure children's security. In an effort to do that, YouTube introduced YouTube Kids back in 2015. That project was meant to provide children with a healthy environment, where they can freely explore the world of the internet without ending up with mature or adult contents.

Youtube Kids
YouTube Kids was designed specifically for children.

Unfortunately, YouTube Kids didn't work out well. Violence, suicide, and sexual contents, for some reasons, still be able to find their way to the app. Once again, in order to resolve the problem, YouTube declared that there will be no minor allowed to stream or show up in videos without the appearance of their parent or guardian (minors are 13 or under, according to the definition in YouTube's terms of service).

But it seems that wasn't enough. Being under Federal Investigation, YouTube is now seriously considering an entire removal of children's content. That will undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on many YouTube vloggers and users. We still don't know where they are going to put these content, another site maybe?

Youtube Childrenwatching
Children's content sometimes goes wrong on YouTube.

In fact, the company is thinking of another solution: removing the autoplay feature. That's actually a good idea. Just think about it: parents always choose a harmless video for their children, but the autoplay feature will automatically get another video, sometimes inappropriate, to play right after the previous video ended. Considering the fact that video suggestions are based on YouTube's watch history, offensive contents are more likely to show up next times. That's why people think autoplay feature does more harm than good when it comes to children's security.

Without question, children's content removal on YouTube could lead to some severe impact on the overall user base and view counts. Maybe YouTube will fix this problem with a brand-new site only for children, but with its previous attempt with YouTube Kids, people are still wondering if they can make it right.