On April 1, when during a TV broadcast, contentious characteristic Brandon ' Hampton Brandon ' Grosso was convicted and he was caught twice in a time span of nine months on camera.

YouTuber Hampton Brandon was prosecuted again

Brandon's biggest accomplishment comes from his almost perpetual IRL live streams across Los Angeles city and from his common dustup with the contentious Ice Poseidon channel.

In Arizona, Brandon was drinking with his friends in a live stream on April 1 outside a hair salon, a state where he had few warrants issued when the local police suddenly appeared.

Streamer Brandon has been arrested so many times

Everyone can hear police calling for Brandon when they get closer. Once the streamer is heard, he moves back, his eyes irritate the camera, but he just seems to remain silent on his mobile phone.

Following several remain unanswered police calls, Brandon sits down still and begins disarming the streamer.

The cameraman zooms the entire scene at this moment, but a short arrangement is already heard.

“What did I do,” asked Brandon.

Relax,” A cop could be heard telling him.

“What am I doing wrong? What did I do,” told by Brandon?

“You are being detained right now,” police offered.

The YouTuber has been arrested while streaming, again

Shortly afterward, the live stream finishes and the supporters and spectators are starting to wonder what the YouTuber had got into this period.

Brandon would get warrants of arrest in Arizona with the local law before. He has previously fought hard against Ice Poseidon, threatened to break into Ice's apartment and more.

Brandon's proposed ban on various streaming websites such as YouTube, Twitch, Periscope and many others has occurred in various situations.

As shocking as the number of people who come to law, the way the streamer gets out of serious trouble is far more hugely surprising.

The YouTuber was even prosecuted at one juncture, with the probation of $100,000, for six criminal records. However, even that was not enough when Brandon was finally released soon after.

What he faces within his most recent encounter with the statute is temporarily unavailable, and audiences will want to know how the new adventure will unfold yet in this storyline.