The main character this time is Momo - a popular YouTuber and hot girl who has drawn a lot of attention on the Internet in recent days. With an angel-like face and demon-like sexy body, she has rapidly attracted a huge number of fans. The YouTuber has unleashed more madness amongst the netizens after a newly-uploaded YouTube video in which her mischievous colleagues visited her house without any notice. It takes as no surprise that Momo experienced a few embarrassing moments when some of her sensitive items were revealed in front of her colleagues.


The series of suddenly visiting the homes of the popular YouTubers and hot girls have got familiar with many people; however, when learning that the main character is Momo, the netizens have felt very curious about the private life of the so-called sexiest hot girl. And that’s true. This home tour episode didn’t make them disappointed at all.

However, the most interesting part appeared in the latter part of the video. To get more specific, when her colleagues entered the living-room, they were all surprised by discovering a violet item that looked like an adult toy - that made many people be as red as an apple. And it seemed that Momo immediately realized what’s going on and rapidly introduced other spaces in her apartment to her colleagues. She may be too ashamed of giving any explanation.

Momo 2

Momo 3

After these embarrassing moments, the beautiful YouTuber rapidly took her confidence back. She even showed her wardrobe and let her friends take a look at her lingerie. Momo also felt very open when sharing some products she was using to care for her intimate area. How to use and their advantages were mentioned in this video.

Momo 4

Momo 5

Momo 6

In the late moments of the video, the YouTuber didn’t forget to show her sexy poses as a special thanks to her viewers and fans. Now, let’s take a quick look at her latest photos!

Momo 7

Momo 1

Momo 8

Momo 9

Momo 10

Momo 11

Momo 12

Momo 13

Momo 15

Momo 16

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