Apart from common content, many YouTubers have recently tended to follow a unique trend to earn more popularity on the Internet, for example, setting up hidden cameras to record the real reactions of their friends or colleagues. Such IRL videos have gained a lot of support because of their surprises. A few days ago, a female YouTuber did a similar thing to discover her four male friends’ reactions when watching her suddenly taking her skirt off.

Korean Youtuber

The YouTuber in question is Ye-seul. Accordingly, she held a meeting with some of her friends. While they were planning to order seasoned chicken, Ye-seul suddenly complained about the hot weather. And a few moments later, she decided to take her shirt off in front of the four guys. Their reactions were immediately recorded by hidden cameras. It worth mentioning that almost none of them looked directly at her, they chose to look away to avoid seeing what they shouldn’t see. The only guy who watched the mischievous YouTuber’s behavior was her boyfriend, and of course, he knew her plan in advance.


In a bid to avoid possibly offensive situations, the YouTuber had no intention to actually reveal her sensitive parts on the stream. It turns out that there was still a short inside but her three friends obviously didn’t know it. While turning around, they shouted out loud to prevent Ye-seul from doing weird things.

The following part even became much funnier when another friend of this YouTuber who came late suddenly opened the room while Ye-seul was taking her skirt off. Right when realizing what’s going on in the room, he fled away in a hurry.

The video rapidly went viral on the Internet and almost all of the netizens felt interested in the guys’ reactions. There was almost no criticism. Instead, the viewers praised these guys a lot for their kindness, as well as their naïve reactions.

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