While there are a few weeks to go before the US Presidential Election, 1998-born YouTuber Tana Mongeau has stolen the spotlight by “lobbying” a second-to-none campaign for Joe Biden. Accordingly, she announced on Twitter that she would send her nudes for those who proved that they voted for this candidate.

Tana Biden

A few days ago, this YouTuber launched a campaign called #BootyForBiden via a tweet that was linked directly to her account on OnlyFans. The tweet was then removed from Twitter.

It was said that she has managed to encourage up to 10k people to favor Joe Biden. However, her move could be considered as an electoral crime when tampering with the election system. Accordingly, she lost YouTube verification after she provided her nudes for her fans in the presidential campaign.

Another Twitter user nicknamed Def Noodles reported that Tana Mongeau admitted to her fans that she has received confirmation from up to 10k people who asserted that they had voted for Biden.

This guy also provided another video in which the YouTuber had a little talk about her nudes and helping the Presidential candidate buy more votes. She also aimed at Donald Trump’s supporter Macy as follows:

"In the last hour, I've received over 10,000 people's proof of voting for Joe Biden, I hope you can get 10,000 people to vote for (Donald) Trump, but in the meantime, my naked body is doing so many things for Biden."

In the past, Tana Mongeau used to date 1997-born actress Bella Thorne. However, their relationship ended last year. The Internet personality also admitted that her wedding to YouTuber Jake Paul was all for “fun and content”.

Her latest move obviously made both the netizens and the electoral agencies feel unacceptable. Although this YouTuber is just one of the celebrities to encourage US citizens to vote, she may be the most controversial one.


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