It is common for us to race against time, especially in modern society when we always have a lot to do. Some try to do everything as fast as possible. And that’s why the female Korean YouTuber in the following incident decided to stream to guide her viewers on how to change clothes in an eye blink in a narrow space - to get more specific, in her car.

Korean Streamer

Whether her latest content was just a pure tutorial or a trick in a bid to show off her sexy body, the hot YouTuber named Sun Young obviously managed to stun her viewers via her changing clothes on the stream. It worth mentioning that her total stream took place in a car. Like a pro model, Sun Young repeated her actions many times, and of course, skirts were also used as a vital costume.

Streamer 1
She started to wear jeans...

From the very first moments, the YouTuber raised the hot temperature on the Internet when she suggested how to wear jeans in a short time. All she needed to do is just to recline her seat to create a space wide enough for her to do everything as fast as possible. In common situations, nothing worth mentioning but it must be another story when you do it in a car. And things go further when the main character is nobody but Sun Young.

The next scenes even became more addictive when, instead of jeans and a shirt, the YouTuber decided to start a challenge with a skirt. This time, she lost more energy than ever. It’s great that she finally gained success.

With her sexiness, the YouTuber rapidly drew a lot of attention from both her viewers and passers-by. That’s true. Because her car’s window glass was completely translucent, that means passers-by could see her whole changing clothes scenes. It’s not surprising that many people stopped to watch her sexy show.

Streamer 2
... then a white shirt.

At present, Sun Young’s video has gone viral on the Internet and come under a lot of controversies. Some hope that she will soon create new videos while others frankly say that her content isn’t helpful at all, and the whole video is just her new trick to show off her sexiness.

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