It can be undeniable that when time goes by, there have been many more YouTubers to follow shocking or weird trends in a bid to attract more views from the netizens. For example, a recent challenge of eating noodles in the WC has caused serious offense. However, a few days ago, two beautiful YouTubers in the United States even joined a much more disgusting challenge.

To get more specific, these YouTubers including Lauren Dascalo and Daisy Keech - who has had 11.5 lakh followers on YouTube - teamed up with each other to accept a challenge of no wear in 24 hours.

Daisy Keech
Daisy Keech - the YouTuber girl who has had over 11 lakh of fans.

It worth mentioning that when taking part in this challenge, instead of staying at home, the two girls kept doing everything as normal. They even weren’t afraid of coming to the crowded public areas.

At first, they visited Adam Quinn - another YouTuber who is also known as Daisy’s boyfriend. It’s not hard to imagine how surprised and angry the boy got as seeing his lover completely naked in such a situation.

Daisy Boyfriend
Daisy's boyfriend felt angry as seeing his lover 100% naked.

He even required his girlfriend to put on her clothes immediately but it seemed to take no effect at all. And then these girls managed to make Adam Quinn puzzled, they kept moving. The location this time was a crowded supermarket.

No need to say, all other customers in the supermarket felt extremely weird about what’s happening in front of their eyes. After parking their car in the parking lot, these Youtubers calmly went into the supermarket without any hesitation. They obviously didn’t feel shy at all as moving the trolley in a completely naked situation. That’s unbelievable!

Supermarket Naked
They were free to wander in the supermarket.

While a supermarket employee carefully asked whether they were conscious or not, other customers, especially male ones, seems to feel difficult to keep calm because all looked at these two girls via their widely open eyes.

Youtube Challenge
Many even didn't believe in their eyes.

Wtf Naked

These YouTubers even intentionally approached other customers in the supermarket to play a prank. For example, they came near a man who was choosing grain food to start giving their advice.

It is undeniable that along with the shocking content and Daisy Keech’s huge attraction, the video has rapidly become a “blockbuster” and collected a great number of views. However, many of the netizens have scolded them seriously because they thought that such similar challenges definitely didn’t bring any meaningful content. Additionally, young people may also follow this weird trend.

Daisy Keech Bed
Daisy Keech.

Daisy Keech Sunshine

Daisy Youtuber


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