This is the continuation of my "Best cosplayers around the world" series, Episode 5. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram by following these two links. Being Chinese, she doesn't really active much on Instagram, but Twitter is a different thing altogether. There is a link her weibo account as well, but you need your own account to access that, which is rather hard to create if you are a foreigner.

About Natsume, well... she usually cover characters from Chinese made Mobile games - they are all sexy, and those games are mostly Free-To-Play gachas. There are quite a few anime characters as well - mostly from popular series. Now, without further ado, let's get to the main topic of this article - the pictures~! We will also list out some information about the games these characters are in on the bottom of the page.

Bismarck from Azur Lane

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Taihou from Azur Lane

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Graf Zeppelin from Azur Lane
Istina from Arknight
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Jalter from FGO
Atago from Azur Lane

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The games mentioned above are Arknights, Fate Grand Order and Azur Lane. They are all Japanese/Chinese character collector mobile games - with decent gameplay. You can find them on the Google Play Store by typing the names in.

Screen 19

Azur Lane is a shoot-em-up, with you controlling a group of anime anthropomorphized warship girls and have them fights in battles against other warships. Arknights is a tower defense game, with characters in place of towers - and you can level up and customize their skills.

Screen 0
Fate Grand Order

Finally, Fate Grand Order is one of the biggest games in the world, with a whopping 4 billion dollars in lifetime revenue. It is a turn based RPG, with your roster of characters going against the enemies.

Azur Lane

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