Sora Amakawa was born in 1998 and has got into the entertainment industry as a gravure model since the middle of 2019. She is well-known for radiant beauty and supermodel body, and that’s why boys can’t take their eyes off the girl.

Sora Amakawa
The Japanese actress is well-known for radiant beauty.

In November 2019, Sora Amakawa decided to move to the adult film industry after officially working for the S1 Corporation. She has rapidly become one of the most loved names of this company during the first six months of 2020.

She loves cosplaying and here is one of the photos showing full of her beauty.
Sora Amakawa Cute
Sora stands 165 cm tall and her body measurements are B87 / W56 / H86.
Sora Jp Beauty
Or in this photo, Sora always knows how to draw attention from others.

Sora Amakawa is blessed with a beautiful face and a hot body. She stands 165 cm tall and her body measurements are B87 / W56 / H86. However, Sora is best known for cosplaying as her hobby. She often uploads her cosplay photos on social networks and gets big admiration, as well as likes, from her dear fans. They seem unable to resist her cuteness and sexiness.

Sora Jav
Have you fallen in love with her cosplay photos? My answer is "Yesss".
Sora Model
In the future, Sora may be more mature and get more success than she does now.

Sora has allegedly known adult films since she was in high school, but she didn’t show any special interest in this field. Until recent time, she has begun to pay more attention to it and finally chosen to play as an adult film actress. However, Sora also said that she will try to become a comprehensive actress in the entertainment world, instead of just a pornographic performer. The cute Japanese actress must bring us lots of cute photos in the near future.