Velet_7 is a female South Korean streamer on Twitch in the Just Chatting. She is a 22 years old girl who is currently living in Canada. The girl is most famous for her sexy body and attracts hundreds of viewers whenever her stream is online. It is hard for her fans to look away from her every time she does a sexy gesture or a K-pop dance while wearing shorts and a tank top.

The female streamer brings the viewers an authentic cosplay of Tifa

Recently, the streamer had a surprise for her audiences with the cosplay of the famous female character in Final Fantasy 7, Tifa. Velet dresses a white sporty tank top along with a black strap short and gloves, the iconic outfit of Tifa.

Both Tifa and Velet look sexy according to the viewers

But unlike many other streamers, Velet actually has a perfect body that can actually make the cosplay look 'authentic', particularly her giant pair of boobs. Her Tifa cosplay clip was quickly spread and gain thousands of views quickly. You can check out her Tifa cosplay video below.

Apart from the 'authentic' Tifa cosplay, Velet also brings fans many pretty 'bouncy' dances that might make you hold your breath. Granted that she is a good dancer but we all know that is not what everyone was looking into. You might want to find a safe before scrolling down and watch those GIF below to avoid awkward situations.

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Velet knows really well about her dances and the audiences love it
I know what are you looking at, we all do
Photo 5 1587890393118471837713
Her fans can't keep their eyes from the screen for even a second

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