It is no longer a weird story when beautiful or sexy streamers often receive huge donations from their viewers. However, there have been probably no streamer who decides to get married to her big fan after continuously receiving donations. And that’s exactly what Korean streamer Go-Eun has just done.

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On her latest live stream, Go-Eun surprised her fans a lot when revealing her plan to organize her wedding in the upcoming time. She said that her fans should know this. Additionally, she even stressed many times that her marriage must be the right thing. The streamer further said that the wedding is scheduled to take place at the end of this year. Both families give big support to the couple.

It’s not surprising that Go-Eun has kept the groom’s identity secret. However, she also admitted that in the past, the groom used to be one of her big fans. He also gave her huge donations as a way to draw her attention. It is said that the groom may come from a rich family.

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According to the latest source, speaking of her donations in 2019, the female streamer earned up to 350M KRW (about Rs2.2 crore). Last month, she received a donation amount of Rs4.7 lakh.

Almost all of her viewers agree that the groom must be a rich man. When Go-Eun initially revealed her plan, fans gave lots of mixed opinions. Some felt confused about her sudden decision while others even declared to give up following her. However, the majority also decided to celebrate with her and wish her to live happily forever.

At present, there have been no specific details on whether the beautiful streamer will continue her current career after her marriage or not. However, her fans still feel happy that she has kept working as normal until the marriage takes place.

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