Year by year, the AV industry in Japan has welcome countless new faces, and it is reported that the number of actresses overwhelms that of actors. However, that doesn’t mean directors stop looking for new potential actresses. They even don’t hesitate to invite passers-by to join this special industry and that’s exactly what Haner - a popular streamer on Afreeca TV - experienced when she was wandering on streets in Japan.


To get more specific, in recent days, this female streamer revealed her experience while studying abroad in Japan via her YouTube video. At that time, she was visiting Dotonbori, a familiar tourist destination in Osaka when she suddenly received a card visit from a well-known guy in the entertainment world. He even invited her to an interview.

Haner of that moment thought that it was just an idol interview. She never believed that she was invited to become an AV actress. Right after learning what’s happening, the streamer immediately revealed that she came from Korea. It’s surprising that her nationality turned out to help her get more attention.

The recruiter also sent her a lot of praise for her beauty and sexiness. However, when Haner learned that his company was an AV company, she rapidly refused his invitation. She even got more surprised when learning that the situation she experienced has become popular on the streets in Japan.

That’s true. In a bid to seek potential AV actresses, producers are willing to wander on streets all day, give their card visits to candidates, along with familiar words saying that their beautiful faces are what these producers are looking for.

Haner 2

Her YouTube video and revelation have gone viral and drawn a lot of attention on the Internet. Accordingly, her fans felt excited and said that her situation should be considered as praise for her prominent beauty. Meanwhile, some felt happy about her refusing such an invitation because they almost don’t have a chance to befriend such a beautiful and smart streamer.

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