According to a report, Tuesday night, October 20, more than 15 crore people - about one-tenth of the population in China - accessed the Taobao Live shopping app to watch the latest live stream of Li Jiaqi - a streamer who is known as the lipstick king by the media in this country.

Streamer Li Jiaqi
Lipstick king Li Jiaqi.

Besides lipsticks, Li Jiaqi also sells a variety of products such as lotions, face cream, clothes. This streamer even used to promise to give his customers iPhone 12 and Hermes bags.

This event is one of the greatest promotion programs on China’s Singles’ Day (11/11). The sales on this day are even much higher than those on Black Friday and Boxing Day. Singles’ Day has now been recognized as the world’s biggest online shopping festival. Last year, customers spent more than $30 billion on shopping online on November 11.

The live stream at night on October 20 was one of the series of promotion events before the shopping festival. The 28-year-old host Li Jiaqi was amongst the most popular online sellers in China. It is said that this streamer could sell everything and in the past, he used to sell up to 15k lipsticks within a 5-minute live stream.

Li Jiaqi streams on all nights except for Sunday night and his live streams always attract tens of millions of viewers. His customers often rush to look for the limited supply of certain products at discounted prices.

Goldthread’s content manager Daisy watched some of Li Jiaqi’s live streams. She said that customers obviously put faith in this streamer because he often gives a lot of specific comments on products. This content manager also frankly admitted that she had to prevent herself from buying something when watching his live stream.

Lipstick King

Li Jiaqi is one of many celebrities who earn their living by selling products to Chinese customers via live streams. These streamers often live stream at night while people have a rest after hard hours, or even after midnight. They need to have a non-stop talk in a bid to attract the attention of customers, and therefore, their customers don’t go to sleep before the live stream ends.

In China, live streaming has become a multi-million-dollar industry. There are even a lot of live stream classes. Online shopping fever has become hotter than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of shops have to close down, making the citizens move to purchase products via live streams.

Lipstick King Li Jiaqi

Accordingly, the true value of streamer Li Jiaqi’s personal trademark has increased to $5 million due to his selling products via live streams.

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