This cool male streamer is nobody but Zhang Daxian - a very popular streamer of Honor of Kings - a game that is considered as the original version of Arena of Valor on the HuYa platform. This guy has more than 80 lakh followers on Weibo.

Streamer Zhang Daxian.

Zhang Daxian’s real name is Zhang Hongfa. He was born in 1991 in China. Before becoming a streamer on HuYa, he used to work for Penguin E-Sports and DouYu. With his broad knowledge about Arena of Valor and funny live streaming style, Zhang Daxian has rapidly become one of the most popular streamers in the Honor Of Kings streaming community.

Streamer 1

Not long before, this streamer gossiped with his fans about Apple’s newly-released smartphone. One of his fans complained that the iPhone 12 was too hard to buy and many fans had the same ideas.

Although the male streamer didn’t talk a lot at that time, he turned out to remember all that his fans said. After the stream, he rapidly bought a “basket” of dozens of iPhone 12 smartphones to give them to his fans.

In the early morning on October 23, Zhang Daxian was excited to make a post on Weibo to remind his fans to join his event and receive his presents in the 688 live room. No need to say how surprised both his fans and the netizens felt when reading his post!

He even further said to his fans that they shouldn’t be said if they didn’t receive his present that night. He also revealed that he prepared for another basket and all his fans should do was following his streaming channel.

Streamer 2

His post rapidly attracted more than 70k exciting moments from both the netizens and his fans. It’s common for streamers to try their best to win the hearts on the Internet but Zhang Daxian may be the only one to buy the iPhone 12 to fans. Maybe his fans feel very happy and proud of their cool streamer!

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