Pokimane can be touted as one of the most known faces in the streamer town. The beautiful streamer and her fellows from OfflineTV have recently come together for their first-ever hot tub stream to celebrate her birthday. Surprisingly, the section that streamed on Pokimane’s channel has broken the viewership records.

It has surpassed 100,000 live watching marks at one stage. Specifically, the stream has the most massive number of live viewers for a content creator in a hot tub stream.

Pokimae Livestream
Pokimane broke hot-tub live streaming record on Twitch.

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Hot Tub streaming record with a twist

On May 14, hot girl streamer Pokimane welcomed her 25th birthday by live-streaming on Twitch along with her friends in a hot tub. Hot tub Livestream is popular for its saucy content that can make any eyeball drop.

Despite its nature and the difference from other hot tub streams, OfflineTV members got involved while fully clothed. The slightly hot spot is Pokimane wearing a shirt that featured a bikini printed on both front and back.

Pokimane 2
She is one of the most well-known names in the Twitch community.

The streamer expressed her gratitude towards everybody who showered her with birthday wishes,

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love n appreciate every single one of u so much!”

For the unknown, she even made headlines for reportedly receiving an $80 million donation from a simp fan.

Last month, the streamer got candid on the hot tub meta and requested Twitch to disapprove this kind of content. As the Livestream is not appropriate for a certain group of age, it should be restricted instead of being available for all ages. Afterward, Pokimane shared on Twitter an announcement that she would hold a hot tub stream with her friends for her birthday.

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Hot Tub Stream is inappropriate content?

Meanwhile, Hot Tub meta us directing the community of Twitch in a different route. A lot of followed streamers/content creators, consisting of Pokimane, have given their opinion on the meta.

Amouranth Pokimane
Amouranth sent her compliments to Pokimane for her content.

However, the meta still continued. A number of creators have gathered to give it a try and they received a crazy amount of live watching in spite of not stripping off.

Amouranth, a known American Youtuber, shared what she thought on the hot tub stream of Pokimane, “Pokimane is a queen. She won’t even be on the screen & will still get most views on the category.”

During their stream, the content creators had fun with different activities such as writing quirky words on each other’s forehead, ordering pizza.

About Pokimane

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, is a Candian streamer and Youtuber. She was popular for playing many different titles including League of Legends, Fortnite, Among Us as well as many others. Although her skills are not impressive like many other female streamers, Pokimane gains up to 0,66 crore followers on Twitch thanks to her stunning and adorable appearance

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