While donating became more popular in the gaming streaming industry, there are many famous Twitch streamers who took the internet by storm for receiving huge donations from fans. However, the rumor around the $80M donation to Pokimane is still one of the most controversial cases that has been ever heard. Is the rumor real or fake? And how does the streamer react to this, keep on reading to know the full story?

Pokimane Sexy
Pokimane is the world's most-followed female streamer on Twitch with more than 6M followers

Pokimane to receive an $80M donation from a ‘simp’ viewer

Back to 2020, a short video of Pokimane went viral on cyberspace as the streamer was seen busting out screaming when she noticed a $80M donation on livestream. As it can be seen from the video, the donation is from a user named Waiter_white and it was also edited with the footage of this character from the Breaking Bad series.

The video, which is edited and uploaded by the Youtube channel KingHill has received more than 10M views after 7 months with many comments. People also gushed over the comment section to show how impressed they are to see a whopping $80M being donated to a streamer. While many people address the crazy rich user, the ‘king of simp’, some remain skeptical about the authenticity of the news. What is the truth about the immense donation Pokimane received?

Pokimane $80M donation is real or fake?

The video was so popular that it has reached Pokimane’s ears. However, the famous streamer slammed the rumor away, stating that it was just a funny video that the donation didn’t exist. She even reacted to it in one of her live stream sections and laughed out loud seeing Waiter White falling off his chair at the end.

In fact, Pokimane is one among popular streamers who disapprove of big donations. The streamer set a cap of $5 for all of her donations. According to her, a bigger amount of money is unnecessary and people should raise more money to support less popular streamers.

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