Pokimane is undeniably one of the hottest Twitch streamers with a huge fan base around the world. Apart from Twitch, she is also very popular on other social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram that every single post of her attracts huge attention in cyberspace.

The American streamer and content creator recently took to Twitter a series of her crying pics. The famous streamer is seen busting out in tears with red eyes while managing a V pose. As followers always see her gorgeous smiles no matter where she is, in selfies or on stream, it is rare to see Pokimane’s tears of sadness.

Pokimane Cry
Famous Twitch streamer Pokimane leaks a few photos of her cying

However, the stream didn’t leave her fans worried as she revealed that these pics were captured so that she can check them back and laugh. In addition to that, Pokimane also comforts herself by saying everything will get better.
These pics are uploaded with a caption that reads:

“Am I the only one that takes photos of themself crying just to laugh at later LOL. Also, a friendly reminder that things always get better.

Pokimane Cry 2
Ookimane cry pic
Pokimane Cry 4
Pokimane with her red and swollen eyes after crying
Pokimane Cry 3
She manages to smile and pose while crying

While some people are curious about what saddened Pokimane, many others rush into sharing the sympathy and showing their strong support to the 24-year-old streamer. A fan even retouched her photo and literally put a smile on her. Take a look at some of the most significant comments and retweets:

Pokimane Cry Pics 3

Poimane Cry Pics

Poimane Cry Pics 2

For the unversed, although it’s rare to see Pokimane cry in front of the public, it turns out not to be the first time. It can be seen that Pokimane never shies away from showing her emotional side. The streamer once caught shredding her tears while talking to Dr. K about her real identity. The other time was when she talked about one of her aquantains who contracted Covid-19.

Take a look back at the touching moment when the streamers burst into tears talking about how she lost a friend to Covid19:

After getting back from the controversies in 2020, Pokimane is working hard on reaching her target. The number of her followers also accelerates continuously.

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