Beauty and talent are the two major factors to help female streamers to win the hearts on the Internet. However, the more popularity they gain, the more stressful they become and even the greater threats they may face. Accordingly, beautiful and alluring Korean streamer Da-hee has recently got a shocking experience caused by one of her crazy fans.

Da Hee

It is said that Da-hee has complained on her live streams that she now lives in fear because someone is always stalking her and staring at her private life. A few days ago, the streamer even made a long post on her page to reveal this issue to the netizens.

On the post, she admitted that she has to change her phone numbers frequently after a stranger - an alleged crazy fan - has stalked her. And then, Da-hee felt very annoyed when her contacts were also gone. Even she didn’t hide her discouragement and mentioned her plan to quit the game because her current life was stuffy.

Her post has rapidly attracted huge attention from the netizens. Some felt angry about the fact that they can no longer meet their idol on the streaming community in the upcoming time. Even they start a campaign to look for the stalker in a bid to prevent him from conducting such bad behaviors.

Meanwhile, others think that what the female streamer has faced is just a price for her popularity. And Da-hee should prepare for everything when she chooses to become a streamer.

Da Hee 1

Born in 1994, the 26-year-old streamer is now one of the most popular beauties with a huge number of fans in the Korean streaming community. She often streams some favorite games and sexy dances on both Afreeca TV and YouTube.

Fans fall in love with this streamer due to her lovely interactions, as well as sharing her eye-catching photos on the private page. However, it may be the main reason for her being stalked by crazy fans. At present, she has felt very anxious and planned to ask the police for help to end up this unpleasant incident.

Da Hee 2

Da Hee 3

Da Hee 4

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