There have long been lots of weird things in Japan so that even its residents can’t discover all things well. You may get more surprising when hearing about the following adult products in the adult industry in this country. What are they? Read the list as below.

Magic Truck – Majikku Miraa Gou

Majikku Mirraa Gou is amongst the adult products on the ownership of Soft On Demand – one of the most popular pornographic film studios in Japan. It is obvious that this truck is used to make adult movies. It is covered by one-way mirrors that help people inside the truck to see what’s happening outside while people outside can’t watch or hear anything inside.

Jp Vehicle

It is interesting that the mysterious truck always appears and disappears without any notice. It may be used for event promotion or making movies. Whenever it appears, many people love to get closer to take selfies or see whether they can watch something inside or not. However, whenever Majikku Miraa Gou is present, Japanese teenagers gossip about the upcoming adult movies.

Magic Truck

Many may ask what happens when this truck appears freely on streets and can accidentally record passers-by while they have no awareness about it. However, this issue turns out not to be a big problem because almost all of Japanese movies apply detail blurring effects. That means passers-by’s faces must be erased carefully.

Majikku Miraa Gou has become one of the mysteries to pesdestrians in Tokyo, as well as the netizens in Japan. This truck even appears in games or is cosplayed in many big anime events.

Ano Puuru Pool

Speaking of the most impressive pools in the adult industry in Japan, Ano Puuru pool is a must-have name. At the time of its release, it had no name and was called “that pool” (ano puuru) or “familiar pool” (rei no puuru) by actors and filmcrews in this industry.

Swimming Pool

At present, it is known as Hanazono – Hanazono Room. This pool has appeared in lots of the adult movies and become one of the most familiar places to the Japanese netizens.

Ano Puuru is located on the top of the apartment building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The luxury apartment, along with the pool, used to belong to many various owners. And now, P-Studio has owned it, but this agency doesn’t use it frequently. Instead, they often lease it to other adult film studios to take shoots or film. It has gradually become popular in the adult movie industry and welcomed many film crews since 2013.

As one of the most unique adult products in Japan, this pool has attracted huge attention from fans of pornographic movies. It also appears in games, manga, or even magazines, and TV shows.

SOD Land – Theme Park For Adults

Theme Park SOD Land is the second one amongst the adult products Soft On Demand has introduced in its development efforts. Two years ago, this adult movie distributing and producing company opened a bar for adults in Akihabara. This bar has then become a very popular entertainment venue.


Each floor in the complex has its own theme. For example, the first floor is mainly used for the reception and payment area. Of course, it also has gift shops, selfie kiosks, and capsule toy machines.

SOD director Yoshiaki Nomoto said that the company has planned to open this theme park even since the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t spread yet. This is not the first time SOD has deployed this kind of entertainment model. Accordingly, SOD Land with a larger scale has 5 floors with many various themes.

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