Apart from skills, the game settings also affect your gameplay. Most BGMI players often use the default basic settings. However, there are some secret settings for GOD-tier gameplay in BGMI that you may need to know.

Turn Off Camera Rotation
Best basic settings for God-tier gameplay in BGMI.

Secret Settings For God-Tier Gameplay

In the default basic settings, there are many options that are on or off automatically. However, some of them are not the best options for pro gameplay. Here are some options you need to change to play like a God-tier player in BGMI.

  • Turn off the Aim Assist

The Aim Assist does not help you aim better but it makes you rely on it. Therefore, pro players never use it. Players who have used the Aim Assist for a long time can hardly aim accurately by themselves when turning off it. Disable it off the aim better in BGMI.

Turn Off The Aim Assist
Turn off the aim assist.
  • Turn off Healing Prompt

In the default setting of your game, this option is enabled. You need to turn it off to stop using consumables and reflex quickly when you get shot. If you are still relying on this healing option, you can be killed while using bandages.

Disable The Healing Prompt
Disable the Healing Prompt.
  • Enable Tap option, Peek & Open Scope

In the Lean Mode and Scope Mode, the Mixed option is selected automatically. You should switch to the Tap option. Besides, Enable the option of Peek and Open Scope. It helps you reduce an action to react faster.

Choose The Tap Option
Choose the Tap option.
  • Disable Camera Rotation while Leaning and Camera Rotation while ADS

It helps avoid screen shake when you lean and turn on the scope. The camera and background will be stable when you open the scope or peek left and right. Then, you won't get lag, especially when you play BGMI on low-end devices.

Disable Camera Rotation
Disable camera rotation.
  • Select the option of Scope On for Gyroscope

If you select the option of Always, your screen will shake a lot when you run or do nothing. Change these default settings to improve your gameplay and play like a God-tier player in BGMI.

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