Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an interesting battle royale shooting game like PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it requires many pro skills. Here are some movement tips in BGMI to improve your aim and skills in this game.

#1. Large Jiggle

The large jiggle movement is better than the narrow jiggle. When you use narrow jiggle movement, you need to drag the joystick left and right very quickly. However, it also makes the screen shake and the crosshair unstable. Besides, the crosshair also shakes when you switch between crouch and stand while stepping left and right.

Move In Medium Speed
Move at medium speed so that the screen won't shake

Therefore, you should use a large jiggle movement to dodge bullets and keep the crosshair stable. So, drag the joystick left and right not too fast and not too slowly. Besides, don't forget to change the direction randomly.

Larger Jiggle Is Better
A larger jiggle is better than a narrow jiggle.

#2. Hit Damage And Fall Back

If you have a place to cover, use this shelter to hide and shoot. Don't expose totally. You should expose suddenly for 1 or 2 seconds to fire some bullets. Then, fall back quickly. You should repeat it randomly to surprise the enemy and hide your body and head. Besides, peek and fire so that you won't expose too much.

Make Some Hits And Fall Back
Make some hits and fall back to the cover.

#3. Don't Walk In One Direction

If you move in only one direction, enemies can predict your movement and shoot you down. Therefore, you need to change the direction while walking to move like a pro player. Run in a zig-zag manner so that enemies cannot shoot you accurately.

Use this tip in Battlegrounds Mobile India when you have to run on open ground, approach enemies, or rush them. If they fire at you when you are running, keep moving and fire back to make them fall back.

Run In Zig Zag
You need to change the direction while walking and running on the open ground.

#4. Jump Shot Through Walls

If you and the enemy stand on two sides of a low wall, there are two ways to finish him as a pro player. Firstly, choose to stand at an end of the wall so that you can peek at the other side and shoot down the target. Low walls in BGMI often have some breaks with a large gap to walk through and you don't have to jump.

Keep The Crosshair At The Enemys Places
Keep the crosshair at the enemy's places

Or else, you should use the pro jump shot technique. Don't face the wall or your character will climb through it and the opponent will have a great chance to shoot and kill you. Instead, stand side by side to the wall, jump, and shoot. Repeat it and contribute damage.

Stand Near And Walls End
Stand near and wall's end

You can also combine these two movement tips in BGMI to surprise enemies. The key to success is keeping your crosshair at the enemies, even when you are moving. It guarantees that you can reflex quickly when the opponent reveals.

#5. Peek From Different Sides

Always change the places and sides to peek to surprise enemies. Don't peek out from the same place or enemies can predict and pre-aim to shoot and kill you. This technique works when BGMI players have a vertical cover, such as trees, crates, columns, broken vehicles, rocks, etc.

If you combat in the forest, you can use some smoke to move between rock and trees to make enemies confused.

Peek At Different Sides Randomly
Peek at different sides randomly to surprise enemies.

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