Battlegrounds Mobile India's Early Access has been released in India for all players on Google Play Store. Into the game, players will drop into an abandoned island with 99 other players and fight until there is only 1 player/ team left.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Register 2
Battlegrounds Mobile India's Early Access has been released.

While it is already a really hard challenge, some players want even more by playing Solo vs Squad. Or just that sometimes, you are the only surviving member of your Squad and have to fight on your own against other teams. In this article, we will show you the top 5 tips for Solo vs Squad in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Plan out your strategy

When fighting a Squad on your own in BGMI, you cannot rely on brute force. Instead, you need to have a good strategy. You must utilize items such as Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade to increase your chance of winning and surviving. If you are not having good advantages, it is better to walk away from them.

Grenade Battlegrounds Mobile India
A Frag Grenade will make things much easier for you.

2. Have a good game sense

In order to have a good game sense, you need to have a lot of experience. You will able to pinpoint the location of the enemy or where they are heading to. Knowing the way around your location is also very important. Learn all the hidden spots and shortcuts to surprise enemies.

Pubg Position
You can tell every move enemy will make with a good game sense.

3. Choose strong weapons

There are a lot of good weapon options for you to win fights. When you are facing a whole Squad, it is better to have weapons with a high damage output such as the AKM, Uzi, Vector, M4A1,... These weapons can deal heavy damage to take down and finish the enemy quickly.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Weapons
Make good weapon choices to take down the enemy fast.

4. Choose your position wisely

If you are playing TPP mode, learn how to peek behind the cover to get information and attack the enemy from a safe position. You must not let the enemies surround your location or they will simply take you down with a bunch of Grenades. In solo vs squad combat, you have to keep moving so they don't discover your location.

Solo Vs Squad Battlegrounds Mobile Inda
Use TPP mode to get information behind covers and surprise the enemy.

5. Improve your skills in close and mid-range combats

It is impossible for 1 man to take on a whole Squad from far away because they can just revive each other in covers. That's why you need to really improve your fighting skill in close and mid-range combats. A good aim and good recoil control will take you a very long way.

Pubg Mobile Tdm
The TDM mode is a great way to train your skill in close-range combats and mid-range combats.

You can practice your skills on the training ground or in the TDM mode. This is the key to master solo vs squad fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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