Battlegrounds Mobile India has arrived for weeks. The game developers have released many redemption codes to gift players many items. Check out this guide on how to use Battlegrounds Mobile India redemption code 2021 here.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Redemption Code 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has gifted pre-register players the skins as the rewards for registration. The prizes for those players are Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, and 300 AG. Players who hadn’t pre-registered before the game was officially didn't get those skin rewards. But instead, BGMI players can get free skins by using redemption codes. 

Bgmi Skin Rewards
BGMI has gifted pre-register players the skins as the rewards for registration.

The developers have introduced many redemption codes for free gun skins, graffiti, outfit sets, vehicle skins, Falcon, etc. Here are the latest BGMI redemption codes that you can try to get these gifts.

Pubgm Redeem Code 2021
PGMI Redemption Codes 2021
Pubgm Redeem Code
Some redemption codes to use in June
Pubgm Redeem Code June
Use these Redeem Codes 2021 to get free skins and rewards.

As we can see, most of these redemption codes give players gun skins and character outfits. If you don't have redemption codes, you will have to use game cash (UC) to buy these skins or join events to obtain them. Although those skins won't affect the statistics of characters and weapons,

How To Get BGMI Redemption Codes 2021?

BGMI redemption codes are updated on the internet. You can get these codes from many websites. Alternatively, you can also get BGMI Redemption Codes 2021 on YouTube. Like PUBG Mobile, Frê Fire, and other battle royale games, BGMI YouTubers often give away many Redemption Codes in their videos. You need to watch these videos thoroughly to get the codes.

Bgmi Download
You can get BGMI redemption codes on the internet and game live streams.

Besides, BGMI players should follow streamers on Facebook or other live-stream platforms to get some new redemption codes during the live streams. You should watch from the beginning till the end of the live stream because streamers often give away redemption codes without noticing the time. It's also the way to attract viewers of those streamers.

Bgmi Download Android
Play the game with friends and update the latest code lists to not miss attractive rewards.

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How To Use BGMI Redemption Codes 2021?

It's very easy to use BGMI Redemption Codes, especially with PUBG Mobile players who have played this game when it hasn't been banned in India. The right codes should include 10 digits of cap-locked letters and numbers. If you get the right valid code, go to the Redemption center to get rewards from the game system. Follow these steps to use Battlegrounds Mobile India redemption code 2021 here.

Access The Redemption Center
Access the redemption center, provide account information, and enter the redemption code.
  • Access the Redemption Center of BGMI on the official website of India Ka Battlegrounds.
  • Enter Account information, such as Character ID and server name.
  • Enter the Redemption Codes you get. Complete Captcha confirmation.
  • Tap on the confirmation button and go to the in-app mailbox to receive rewards.
Bgmi Gifts
Those rewards will be sent to the in-app mailbox.

But before using these redemption codes, you need to download the game and create an account.

Guide To Download BGMI 2021

At this moment, you can only download the Early Access version of BGMI from Google Play Store. This game hasn't been available on iOS devices now. You can only play it with a smartphone running on an Android operator. To download this game from Google Play Store, make sure that you are accessing this app with an Indian IP address.

Bgmi Early Access
You can only download the Early Access version of BGMI from Google Play Store now.

Search the game Battlegrounds Mobile India and locate it in the results. Then, tap on the Install button to get the game. After logging into the game, let's check out the in-app mailbox to receive pre-registration rewards if you had pre-ordered the game. Then, let's play it as normal.

How To Get Rewards In BGMI 2021?

Apart from redemption codes, BGMI players have many other ways to get rewards in this game. Here are some ways to get skins, bundles, graffiti, and other gifts in BGMI:

  • In-game events: Join events and try to complete missions to get a lot of rewards, such as permanent skins, time-limited bundles, crate coupon scraps, graffiti.
Bgmi Official Website
Join interesting in-game events and try to complete missions to get a lot of rewards
  • Crates: Like PUBG Mobile, BGMI also has many crates, such as supply crate, classic crate, and premium crate. You should collect crate coupon scraps or crate coupons from achievement rewards or mission rewards to open these crates for free. Or else, you will have to pay UC for those crates.
  • Lucky Spins: Don't miss lucky spins with a lot of exclusive and rare rewards.
Play Game And Rank Up
Play the game, rank up, and complete achievement and royale pass missions to get more rewards.
  • Royale Pass: Another way to get more skins, bundles, and gifts is ranking up in Royale Pass. The Free Pass also has many rewards that cost no cash to obtain.
  • Give-away events: the game systems and many famous YouTubers also give away many skins and bundles in special events. Follow their websites and channels to not miss these great chances.

Those are things you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile India redemption code 2021 and ways to get free rewards. Don't miss any chance to get those skins because they will make the game more interesting.

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