Garena Free Fire offers the Elite Pass to players as a chance to get hold of various exclusive themed items at a bargain. Needless to say, it has been a major hit in the community! 42 seasons of the Elite Pass have made their way into the game. So today, let's take some time to review a full list of Garena Free Fire all Elite Passes from Season 1 to Season 42.

What is Free Fire Elite Pass?

Garena brought the Battle Pass, known as the Elite Pass, system into Free Fire in June 2018. Each Pass lasts for a month before a new one takes its place in the game - and the cycle continues. This system rewards players with a plethora of items, ranging from exclusive bundles, skins to emotes, and consumables.

Season 34 Elite Pass Wildful Wonders
Each Elite Pass season only lasts 1 month

Garena Free Fire all Elite Passes must be obtained with Diamonds though many people are abusing Free Fire elite pass hacks. Please stick to the rules of the game as you will surely get the investment back. Let’s take a look back at Free Fire all Elite Passes rewards and reminiscence on the journey so far. 

List of Garena Free Fire All Elite Passes Rewards

Season 1 – Kitsune (June 2018): The Sakura Blossom bundles - the exclusive rewards of the Season 1 Garena Free Fire all Elite Pass Rewards, are also the rarest in Free Fire. The Pass only required 175 badges for completion.

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 1

Season 2 – Hip Hop (July 2018): Bring the street-styled to the game. You could complete this Elite Pass for just 200 badges. 

Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 2

Season 3 – Doomsday Madness (August 2018): Exclusive futuristic-styled outfits - fit for Apocalypse. This pass required 225 badges to complete.

Free Fire Season 3 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 3

Season 4 – Royal Revelry (September 2018): The 4th of Free Fire all Elite Passes brought Royal-themed bundles allowing players to dress up as kings and queens. It also introduced the Ceremonia Real skins.

Free Fire Season 4 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 4

Season 5 – Pirates Legend (October 2018): The bundles included pirate-inspired apparel such as hats, clothes, weapons, etc. 

Free Fire Season 5 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 5

Season 6 – Arcade Mayhem (November 2018): 8-bit themed costumes and skins. The devs introduced the first Garena Free Fire all Elite Pass Rewards for pre-ordering in the game from this pass onward. 

Free Fire Season 6 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 6

Season 7 – Steampunk Revolution (December 2018): This Elite Pass was the first to come with a story. The theme was the Steampunk revolution, referring to the European industrial revolution era.

Free Fire Season 7 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 7

Season 8 – Impulsive Shock (January 2019): This part came with tons of cool items and a trailer. It brought the male and female bundles, emotes, parachute skin, surfboard skin, backpack, and more. 

Free Fire Season 8 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 8

Season 9 – Bomb Squad (February 2019): The military-themed Elite Pass brought Pet Food, Permanent Scar Skin, M79 (Grenade Launcher) skin, C4 Pump model loot box, Evolution Stone, and a new game mode of the same name.

Free Fire Season 9 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 9

Season 10 – Anubis Legends (March 2019): Based on Egyptian Mythology, the Pass rewarded the “Anubis” skin for male characters and the “Anuput” skin for female characters. 

Free Fire Season 10 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 10

Season 11 -Dragon Slayers (April 2019): Its announcement scared players as many saw a dragon roaming on the Bermuda and Purgatory Maps. It brought the Slayers-themed costumes and items.

Free Fire Season 11 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 11

Season 12 – Wrath Of The Wild (May 2019): It followed the Panther theme. The male bundle resembled T’challa’s suit in the 2018 “Black Panther”. There were various other items of the same theme.

Free Fire Season 12 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 12

Season 13 – Rampage Redemption (June 2019): Brought 2 bundles and various items based on the Rampage theme. A game mode was later released with the same name.

Free Fire Season 13 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 13

Season 14 – Primal Hunter (July 2019): Primal Hunter bundles were not up to the community’s expectations. Players complained a lot about the decrease in skin quality. 

Free Fire Season 14 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 14

Season 15 – Sandstorm Warriors (August 2019): The 15th in Garena Free Fire all Elite Passes brought the desert-themed costumes and acted as a hint for the “Kalahari” map. 

Free Fire Season 15 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 15

Season 16 – Gunslinger (September 2019): The Pass was free for all players to take, and remained the only free Elite Pass in Free Fire history. 

Free Fire Season 16 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 16

Season 17 – Blood Demon (October 2019): The male bundle “Ruby Demon” and the female “Red Samurai”, were both amazing to look at.

Free Fire Season 17 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 17

Season 18 – Death Penalty (November 2019): The Pass brought the Death Penalty-themed male and female bundles as well as the gloo wall and gun skins of the same theme. 

Free Fire Season 18 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 18

Season 19 – Ghost Pirates (December 2019): This is the second Pirate-based pass in Free Fire all Elite Passes. It did not disappoint with quality costumes, skins, and other items.

Free Fire Season 19 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 19

Season 20 – Shadow Combat (January 2020): Apart from the usual male and female bundles, the 20th Pass rewarded items such as Magic Cube Fragments, Weapon Skin – VSS, and XM8, Loot Box, Backpacks, and Banners.

Free Fire Season 20 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 20

Season 21 – T.R.A.P. Revolution (February 2020): It marked Free Fire’s first-ever self-composed soundtrack and music video called “T.R.A.P. – I’m on fire”. Costumes inspired by the MV were the exclusive bundles. 

Free Fire Season 21 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 21

Season 22 – Wasteland Survivors (March 2020): It was based on the apocalypse theme, bringing  Doomsday Raider and Doomsday Ravager male and female bundle. The World’s End Dead Lootbox was the pre-order reward.

Free Fire Season 22 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 22

Season 23 – Agent Paws (April 2020): The Pass gave Agent Tail and Agent Kitty male and female bundles among other items. The exclusive pre-order reward was an Inner Instinct Backpack.

Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 23

Season 24 – Forsaken Creed (May 2020): The 24th of Free Fire all Elite Passes brought the Unseen Custodian and Shadow Custodian male and female bundles. You could get the Ancient Order Gloo Wall for pre-ordering.

Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 24

Season 25 – Fabled Fox (June 2020): It brought Kitsune’s Riposte and Kitsune’s Revenge male and female bundles. The exclusive pre-order reward was the Kitsune Backpack.

Free Fire Season 25 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 25

Season 26 – Rampage II: Uprising (July 2020): The second Rampage-themed Pass was released after Season 13’s “Rampage Redemption”. It brought Turmoil of Ruins and Kiss of Ruins male and female bundles. Players got the Lifebeam Treatment Gun skin for pre-ordering. 

Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 26

Season 27 – Sushi Menace (August 2020): The next Free Fire all Elite Pass is the so-called “Sushi Menace”.  It’s based on the famous Japanese cuisine, bringing Sashimi Slasher and Ramen Slayer male and female bundles. The exclusive pre-order reward is an Oni Mask.

Sushi Menace 1
Elite Pass Season 27

Season 28 - Celestial Street (September 2020) takes the Omni look to a whole new level.

Season 28 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 28

Season 29 - Anubis Legend II (October 2020) brings back the hit ancient Egyptian theme. It completes revamping the old bundles, adding some mysterious touches.

Season 29 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 29

Season 30 - Ultrasonic Rave (November 2020) step up your music game with Ultrasonic Rave. Bring the rhymes and lyrical miracles onto the battlegrounds.

Season 30 Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 30

Season 31 - Endless Oblivion (December 2020) takes the mysterious theme of lost souls and ghosts.

Garena Free Fires Endless Oblivion Elite Pass
Elite Pass Season 31

Season 32 - Specter Squad (January 2021): Join the ghost-hunter squads and take down the restless souls in style!

Elite Pass Season 32 Specter Squad
Elite Pass Season 32

Season 33 - Fuji Folklore (February 2021) elevates the Asian culture to a new level. Watch the marriage of Chinese and Japanese influences merge in the Fuji Folklore.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33 Folklore Fuji
Elite Pass Season 33

Season 34 - Willful Wonders (March 2021): Does this remind you of Alice in Wonderland? Takedown the enemies in style with the Willful Wonders bundles.

Season 34 Elite Pass Wildful Wonders Banner
Elite Pass Season 34

Season 35 - Bloodwing City (April 2021): The  Elite Pass season 35 is the red and black adaptation of Batman. Enjoy the game with various gears, bundles, and skins in the gritty look.

Season 35 Elite Pass Rewards
Elite Pass Season 35

Season 36 - Manic Circus (May, 2021): Free Fire Elite Pass season 36 Manic Circus will come out with lots of rewards as well.

Season 37 - Evil Enchanted (June, 2021): The new season of the Free Fire Elite Pass will take on the theme of Evil Enchanted. It somewhat resembles the classic enchanted love story of a prince and a princess, except for the fact that they both go rebel and join a virtual battleground. The color scheme is dark blue with a deep crystal exterior and texture to add some edges.

Season 37 Eilte Pass Post
Season 37 Elite Pass

Season 38 - Guns for Hire(July, 2021): Take on your enemies in style with the best bounty hunter outfits in the game!

Elite Pass Season 38
Elite Pass Season 38

Season 39 - Wildland Walkers (August, 2021): Transform yourself into the mighty sheriff scarecrow that roams the Wild Wild West.

Ss39 Elite Pass
Season 39 Elite Pass

Season 40 - Quantic Unknown (September 2021): The Elite Pass, Quantic Unknown, lets players explore a whole new world with many sci-fi bundles and skins. The main color of the Elite Pass is purple, adding the feeling of mysterious.

Quantic Unknown
Season 40 Elite Pass

Season 41 - Mesmerizing Nights (October 2021): The Mesmerizing Nights take inspiration from the fol tale of the Middle Eastern region.

Free Fire Elite Pass Seaon 41
Season 41 Elite Pass

Season 42 - Inferno Rage (November 2021): Travel into the world of demons and devils in the Inferno Rage Elite Pass to get some badass bundle for your characters.

Free Fire Elite Pass Seaon 42
Season 42 Elite Pass

Garena Free Fire All Elite Passes Hack 

Though the beautiful skins, bundles, emotes, and other exclusive items you get from the Pass seem super appealing, many still shy away from buying them. The problem lies in the fact that - you have to buy them. Most players settle with the normal pass rather than spending Diamonds.

They cost around 499 Diamonds for the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle even takes 999 Diamonds out of your stash. That’s why a few Free Fire gamers turn to the Free Fire All Elite Pass Hack to experience these cosmetics. 

Free Fire Banner Armor
Elite Passes cost Diamonds

The most popular hack is actually Free Fire MOD APK. It’s a modified version of the game client, claiming to provide players with benefits they would never have in the original edition. Some of the prominent features are unlimited Diamonds and Gold Coins supplies, Auto-Aim, Wallhack, free skins, emotes, and of course, Elite Passes. The MOD announced itself to constantly update the Pass, bringing you everything the official release has as soon as possible. These appealing advantages cause many to get Free Fire all Elite Pass hack APK download.

However, by using the Free Fire all Elite Pass hack APK download, you’re violating Garena’s terms of service and could be subject to severe punishment from the devs. It’s considered a third-party program that interferes with the game’s state. The heaviest penalty is a permanent ban on your account. Therefore, do weigh the pros and cons carefully before hitting that download button of the MOD. 

Garena Free Fire 1
Consider the risks first!

That’s everything in our article about Garena Free Fire all Elite Passes from season 1 to season 42. To sum up, Elite Passes are one of the features in which you can see the evolution of the title. You can get various exclusive skins, bundles, and other cosmetics items just from completing these passes. However, they do cost Diamonds to purchase - but we’re sure that your investment won’t be in vain. For more guides into Free Fire, tune in to our website at