After waiting for months, Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33 Fuji Folklore finally came to light yesterday on February 1st. Find out all of the most valuable items in the Elite Pass this month and how to get them at the cheapest price. 

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33 Folklore Fuji

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33: Fuji Folklore

Being entitled Fuji Folklore, Free Fire Elite Pass latest season is set in the futuristic-Japanese-themed world. It unveils the underground world of Japanese gangs in the seek for great power from a sacred artifact. The ancient and powerful item was guarded by three warriorsCue, Flanka and Cue. However, Flanka allowed greed to overtake his principles and steal the artifact for himself.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33 Reward List

Being inspired by Japanese culture, all of the rewards in Free Fire Elite Pass season 33 are a stunning combination of traditional and modern designs.

Free Fire Elite Pass Bundle

By taking part in the Elite Pass season 33, players will stand a chance to win the Kimono Fighter Bundle and Kimono Dancer bundles. The item for male comes in an off-beat style with a kimono top which is half golden and half blue. It is admonished with dragon painting and other traditional painting. Meanwhile, the Kimono Dancer bundle takes on the traditional Japanese costume but breathes new life into it with cut-outs.

Elite Pass Fuji Folklore Rewards Garena Free Fire

Apart from the bundles, many Free Fire players also fall in love with the Fuji Folklore backpack. The most unique feature of the backpack is that the higher level your character is, the more details this item will display.

Meanwhile, the Koi Suffer skin in the Free Fire EP season 33 steals the spotlight for the stunning animation effect it creates while moving. The suffer which comes in the shape of a blue Koi fish is a legendary skin with bright blue clouds rolling around. This item can be unlocked if you collect 150 badges.

Elite Pass Fuji Folklore Rewards Garena Free Fire

In addition to that, the on-going Elite Pass season of Free Fire also rolls out many stunning items like Plasma Fuji Folklore gun skins, the Sports Car Fuji Folklor car skin, the Fuji Folklore Loot Box, and many other items.

Elite Pass Fuji Folklore Rewards Garena Free Fire

Check out the reward highlights of Free Fire EP season 33 in the official video below:

How to unlock Elite Pass in Free Fire for free

To claim valuable rewards in Free Fire Elite Pass, players will need to complete a lot of missions in-game during the entire month to get as many badges as possible. The more badges you earn, the more items you’re able to unlock.

However, if you decide to enroll in Free Fire Elite Pass without spending diamonds, you will only receive a limited number of items. To get all of these items, purchasing the Elite Pass package is compulsory.