Free Fire is one of the most competitive mobile shooters in the world. It has a ranking system where players can battle it out based on the skill level. The higher their ranks, the better the opponents they are going to face. In this article, we will showcase the 5 mistakes players often make while pushing ranks in Free Fire.

1 - Avoid playing with random teammates

In Free Fire, players can join a game in a squad of 3. This might leads to random players joining the match. While there are cases that random teammates perform well in matches, most of them tend to do poorly. This is usually due to the lack of communication - random players on the internet definitely can't work with you as well as people you know. This causes a liability in matches, which in turn reduces your rank.

Try to get a team
Try to get a team instead of matching with randoms while pushing ranks in Free Fire.

There is a reason why pro players always play in a full squad. If you are going to play rank, it is advisable to find a dedicated team or play solo.

2 - Don't do hot drops

Hot Drops are the most high-risk high-reward action you can do in the game. Land early on a hot spot, secure a weapon and engage in combat right away present players with thrills and action like no other.

However, you need to prioritize your placement points too, if you want to climb to higher ranks. It is best to just land somewhere isolated to survive the initial phase - good loot can be accumulated later.

3 - Try not to rush until its the right time

In competitive ranked Free Fire, knowing when to press your advantage is an essential skill. Risking your life to trade kill is usually not a good idea unless it is at the very end of the match. Therefore, players should avoid rushing if they don't have a clear advantage over enemies.

Getting squad wiped will impact your ranks negatively. Know when to push and when to retreat.

Dont Rush Straight Away
Try to be patient and not rushing straight away.

4 - Don't stay for too long in the open

Similar to all other shooters, covers in Free Fire are very important. Players should try to rotate in the safest way possible, including both timing and positioning. This requires learning the various maps in Free Fire, their location and terrains. Vehicles are very useful, as they let your team move around at a high speed with a degree of protection.

Staying in the open can be fatal, as you can't watch all directions at the same time. Having a cover will save you that trouble, as no danger can come from the covered direction.

5 - Don't take risks or "experiment"

While pushing ranks in Free Fire, try to stick to the beaten path, create a plan or follow a strategy from others. A lot is at stake in rank matches and you can't afford to clown around. Those who play as a team and follow a strategy will be able to outlast others.

If you want to experiment to see what works and what does not, play regular games instead.

follow a strategy
The best player on the team should be the captain and call the shot.

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