Garena has been constantly updating Free Fire with new content to freshen up players' gameplay experience. These updates come in the form of "OB" patches that are released every 2 months. The upcoming OB29 patch is going to be the biggest this year, as it coincides with Free Fire's 4th anniversary.

Part of its content has been recently leaked. In this article, we are going to showcase various new modes and features in Free Fire OB29. The update is almost here - it is scheduled to go live on August 4th, 2021.

Training ground
Training ground in Free Fire OB29

1 - Grenade Range in Training Ground

Players can now practice advanced Free Fire grenade tricks and improve these skills in the new grenade range in the training ground. This is super useful, as Garena is adding more throwing grenades into the game in OB29. This training range also works on grenade launchers as well, with their trajectory being the same as a grenade throw.

2 - New "Lone Wolf" mode

A new 1 vs 1 mode will be added to the game with the next patch. The map for this mode is a small area called Iron Cage. Players will be able to select the weapons of their choice along with a gloo wall. Overall, a custom 1 vs 1 match can be pretty popular, with Call of Duty Warzone's version being a blast amongst fans.

3 - Item Request feature in Clash Squad mode

There will be a new feature called "Item Request" in Clash Squad. Using this, players will be able to ask their teammates to buy them various items. If the other player fulfills the request, the item will be directly added to the requester's inventory.

Overall, this is a quality of life feature that lets players with more money giving free items to other members of his team.

4 - New attachments in BR mode

There will be 3 new attachments added to the game's BR mode:

  • AR Magazine: Increase rate of fire and decrease magazine store.
  • Shotgun Muzzle: Increase damage
  • SMG Muzzle: Increase damage during burst

Overall, these new attachments are super aggressive. They outright increase the damage of the equipped weapons, unlike the previous attachments in Free Fire.

5 - New Weapons


The new AC80 gun in Free Fire OB29 is a DMR with a special ability to deal extra damage on two continuous shots. The weapon deals more damage on the 2,4,6,8... shots on the same target. Overall, the AC80 is deadly, especially if you managed to do a headshot with the second bullet.

The new DMR AC80

M4A1 Variant

M4A1 can be upgraded to X, Y, or Z versions using M4 Chip in the vending machine.

Decoy Grenades

Upon activation, Decoy Grenades create noise and reveal themselves on the minimap.

6 - Weapon Stats Adjustment in Free Fire OB29


  • Minimum Damage: +8%
  • Effective Range: +10%
  • Magazine: +2%


  • Recoil: +5%
  • Rate of Fire: +10%


  • Range: +15%
  • Added Muzzle and Scope attachment slot


  • Movement Speed: +10%
  • Range: +5%


  • Armor Penetration: -6%
  • Rate of Fire: -5%
  • Range: -8%

Muzzle Attachment

  • The effective range provided by muzzles on SMGs and Shotguns is reduced.

Double Magazine

  • Magazine Size: +60% -> +40%

7 - Character skill adjustments

According to Free Fire OB29 leaks, there will be some character ability changes that improve their performance in the game.

  • Jota: Recover some HP when hitting enemies with bullets
  • Luqueta: Increase the upper limit for Max HP gained after kills
  • Shani: Increase more durability to armors after kills
  • Alvaro: Increases explosive damage even further

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