The Free Fire OB29 Advanced Server has opened a few days ago. There are a lot of new features in Free Fire OB29, including new characters, a new tiger pet, and a new weapon. The new weapon in Free Fire OB29 update is a Marksman Rifle called the AC80.

While there are no official stats for the weapon yet, we can test it out in the game and see how strong this new AC80 gun in Free Fire is going to be.

Free Fire AC80 Gun Overview

The AC80 gun is a Marksman Rifle, which means it is a weapon for mid-range to long-range combats. It has high damage and a low rate of fire. The damage of the AC80 is actually high enough to one-shot a player on the head regardless of their helmet.

Free Fire Ac80 Gun
The Free Fire AC80 gun deals additional damage when firing 2 consecutive shots.

The AC80 gun will deal additional damage to the target if you shoot 2 consecutive shots. You need to hold your Fire button to deal additional damage. After the second shot, the damage of the weapon will get back to normal. For example, if you hold your Fire button on a target, the 2nd and 4th shots will get additional damage.

The AC80 has 14 rounds per magazine and has a pre-attached scope. It can be attached with a Muzzle, a Silencer, a Foregrip, a Magazine, a Stock, and a Scope.

Free Fire AC80 Gun Damage Test

Body Damage

Normal shots Bonus damage shots
No Vest 67 107
Level 1 Vest 55 89
Level 2 Vest 50 80
Level 3 Vest 44 71
Level 4 Vest 43 69

Head Damage

Normal shots Bonus damage shots
No Helmet 300 480
Level 1 Helmet 250 400
Level 2 Helmet 232 372
Level 3 Helmet 214 343
Level 4 Helmet 208 333

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