Before the release of a major patch, Garena has always released the beta test "Advance Server" to iron out the bugs and give fans a sneak peek of the new contents. The Advance Server of OB29 is not an exception. In this article, we are going to showcase all the new changes included in the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server, including the new characters, pet and weapon.

Note: Not all features in the Advance server would be added to the actual OB29 patch. There might be changes to the release version.

1 - New Characters

  • Male Mystery Character 1 (based on DJ Dimitri)

Ability: Vital Vibes (Passive)

Vital Vibes is a passive ability that increases rescue speed by a percentage. With every successful rescue, players will replenish some HP in 5 seconds. Overall, this ability is super situational - it is only useful in Duo and Squad, and only effective when a bad situation already happened. At least it is not an active skill - you can combine Vital Vibes with pretty much everything.

This character is going to be based based on real-life DJ Dimitri Vegas. We are going to have a collab with him in OB29.

DJ Dimitri Free Fire OB29
New character based on DJ Dimitri
  • Male Mystery Character 2 (Thiva)

Ability: Healing Heartbeat (Active)

Healing heartbeat creates a healing aura around the user similar to Alok's skill. The aura lasts for 10 seconds and has a diameter of 5m. When users or allies are downed in the AOE, they can get up by themselves. While this might seems strong, Healing Heartbeat has almost double the cooldown time of Alok's skill - 85 seconds.

Healing Heartbeat Free Fire OB29
The newest overpowered character in Free Fire

Overall, this ability is going to be super overpowered in any mode. It pretty much gives you a second life, as long as the enemies are not close enough to finish you off. The feature of allowing teammates to self-rescue is also pretty crazy. You can just pop the skill and run near for your teammate to get up by themselves. While waiting, you can cover them by engaging enemies.

The long cooldown is the only problem... however, just add the Rockie pet for Cooldown reduction and it'd all be worth it.

  • Female Mystery Character 1 (Moco Awakened)

Ability: Enigma's Eye

It is a passive upgrade for Moco Awakened version. Enigma's Eye applies on top of her existing skill. This means upon getting hit, the targets can be marked for up to 7 seconds if they move. Overall, this is pretty pointless and weak - 2 more seconds of tracking won't make much of a difference. Still, it is a "free upgrade", so there's no reason for you to not get Moco Awakening.

Moco Awakening Free Fire OB29
Moco Awakening Skill is barely useful.

2 - New Tiger Ninja Pet

Tiger Ninja is the new pet in OB29. Based on a recent leak, his skill is going to be the reverse of D-Bee's passive. With it equipped, you would deal more damage to moving targets. Overall, damage boosts are always welcome in Free Fire, especially when it is on the pet slot. The Tiger Ninja should be suitable for pretty much any build, both short and long range.

Appearance-wise, the Tiger Ninja looks pretty cool, with a sword equipped on its back.

New Tiger Ninja pet Free Fire OB29
New Tiger Ninja pet in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server is super strong.

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3 - New Gun AC80

A new gun is going to be added to Free Fire in the OB29 patch. It is a marksman rifle called AC80. The special ability of this gun is that two consecutive hits from it will deal extra damage - just about enough to kill an opponent outright.

Overall, the AC80 is another new choice for sniper players. It encourages continuous attacks, with the massive bonus damage on the second hit.

AC80 Free Fire OB29
The new AC80 gun in Free Fire OB29 update

4 - Character Changes

  • Jota's Sustained Raid

Jota's ability now heals you when you damage enemies. Furthermore, knocking down one will restore 20HP for users. Overall, this is a rebalance that makes the skill much easier to use. Unlike the previous version that only works on SMGs and Shotguns, OB29 Sustained Raid works on everything.

Jota Free Fire OB29
Jota's new Sustained Raids in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server is super strong now.

While the 20HP gained after a kill is not nearly as good as the previous version, you should be able to gain that much HP gunning down enemies anyway.

  • Luqueta's Hat Trick

The amount of max HP that can be gained increases from 35 to 50, overall a slight buff. 250 max HP would go a long way in winning matches, but you need to charge it up with 2-3 kills first.

Luqueta Free Fire OB29
Luqueta is slightly better now.

5 - Training Island Changes

A new Grenade Range is added to the training island so that players can practice their throwing skills. This is a great quality of life feature, especially when more grenades are getting released.

Grenade range Free Fire OB29
Grenade range in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server

6 - Craftland

Players can now create their own unique custom maps and upload them to play in custom rooms with friends. This is probably the biggest map-related feature added to Free Fire to date. The map editor is pretty robust - players can add various objects, structures, buildings, decorations, and more.

About Free Fire OB29 Advance server activation code

Players who are lucky enough to receive the Activation Code for the beta would be able to access the Advance Server. The Free Fire OB29 Advance Server registration is already over - so there is no way to obtain an activation code anymore.

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