There are two ranked modes that you can play in Free Fire, Battle Royale and Clash Squad. While some players prefer battle royale, there are others who play Clash Squad exclusively. In this article, we are going to showcase Clash Squad vs Battle Royale mode in Free Fire to see which one is better than the other.

What is Battle Royale mode in Free Fire?


Free Fire was part of the Battle Royale craze back in 2016-17, after the release of PUBG. Garena took inspirations from PUBG and put in their own twist over time. Originally, Battle Royale mode in Free Fire is just a generic clone of PUBG, with the only twist being the lower player count per match and smaller play zone. This leads to faster matches and lower graphics requirements - its rival PUBG Mobile is fairly demanding while Free Fire can run on pretty much any device.

Free Fire Battlegrounds
Here is how Free Fire used to look when it was first released.

Further customization like character skills and skins that provide bonus stats are added later down the line. This lets players customize their own characters and create builds. Originally, skills are super weak, providing almost no value... but eventually the power creeps catches up with the game. Since then, Garena has released quite a few broken characters like Alok and Chrono.


In Free Fire battle royale mode, 50 players enter a plane that flies over an island. There are 3 maps to choose from: Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. Players can jump from the plane whenever they want, landing on any place on the map. There are three variants of BR mode: Solo, Duo and Squad (of 4). The Squad variant is the official tournament format.

Free Fire
Headshot in Free Fire

After hitting the ground, players must look around for weapons and utility items. There are a lot of things to choose from and use: various classes of guns, melee weapons, grenades, armors and helmets...etc. Similar to PUBG, the play zone also shrink down every few minutes, forcing players to fight against one another. The last one standing is the Booyah! winner.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Gloo Wall is something unique in Free Fire.

Each map has its own special contraptions like zip lines and oil barrels. Vehicles of various types are also scattered across the areas. Players can also call down crates of powerful weapons like in PUBG.

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What is Clash Squad mode in Free Fire?


As battle royale mode is very time-consuming, players can get bored after a while. Garena tried to solve the situation by introducing Clash Squad, a team deathmatch (TDM) style mode akin to that of a normal shooter. Clash Squad was originally just an experiment, but Garena decided to add it permanently after the mode was positively received by fans.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season
Clash Squad is a 4 vs 4 mode.

They even add ranked to Clash Squad sometimes after that, when the mode gets even more popular. It follows a separate rank system to BR mode and the players can climb up the tiers to win several rewards.


While the battle royale mode is based on the standard survive-to-win formula, Clash Squad mode is a different experience altogether. It is a 4vs4, round-based game mode. Players are divided into two teams, Warbringers and Howlers. There are a total of 7 rounds each match - the first squad to win 4 rounds is the winner.

How To Play Clash Squad Free Fire
Shops in Clash Squad

The biggest difference between Clash Squad and Battle Royale is that it has a buying phase in which players can purchase guns, armors and other items. Money is gained by winning rounds and score kills. This phase requires teamwork and some planning - players should buy items after coordinating with their teammates.

Free Fire Clash Squad
The starting zone in CS

Maps in Clash Squad mode are smaller sections of Kalahari and Bermuda.

Clash Squad vs Battle Royale mode in Free Fire, which is better?

Clash Squad is a vanilla shooter experience, with players purchasing the same weapons and fight against each other as a team in a small area. Individual aiming skills and teamwork are crucial in this mode. The shortest match of Clash Squad only lasts 4 rounds - you can pretty much play this mode at a moment's notice, unlike normal BR mode.

Kla Clash Squad
CS relies more on your aiming skill.

On the other hand, BR mode is considered the "main" mode of Free Fire, where the new contents are added in. Strategy matters more than skill in Battle Royale. Unlike Clash Squad, your goal in BR is not to eliminate everyone - you only need to survive until the end of the match. Rotating, pick landing zones, camping, covering teammates are crucial.

Free Fire Booyah requires both strategy and skill.

Overall, it all comes down to your preferences. If you want action-packed combat, play Clash Squad. If you want a slow, more deliberate Strategy shooter game, play Battle Royale Mode In Free Fire.

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