The final round of Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021 (FFPL) has finally ended yesterday. After 3 weeks of grueling matches with 18 squads competing for their spots in the finals, Team Elite along with 11 squads have gained their ticket.

The finals of the FFPL 2021 will be held on July 18. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the recent FFPL round.

The grand finalists
The grand finalists of FFPL 2021

Result of FFPL 2021's Group Stage

Team Elite topped the chart with 170 kills and 373 points, 100 more than the runner-up 4 Unknown, who has 123 kills and 269 points. Fan favorite Total Gaming Esports, the team of the biggest Free Fire streamer in the country, secured 8th place with 191 points and 78 kills. Galaxy Racer, champion of FFCO Mumbai and also India's candidate for World tournament, is at a disappointing 10th spot, with only 74 kills and 184 points.

FFPL Day 6
FFPL 2021 Day 6 Final Standings

The top 12 teams will advance to the next round and battle it out for the ultimate prize pool of 35 lakh... over only six matches.

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FFPL Day 6 recap

  • The first match on Bermuda was secured by Team Elite, with 10 kills, 22 points and the Booyah. TSM FTX is the runner-up with only 10 points.
  • Survivor 4am managed to close the 2nd match on Purgatory with 2 kills. SRV Alexx put on an excellent show and earned the MVP title for the match.
  • The third match on Kalahari was claimed by Team Elite once against, with 10 frags. Total Gaming Esports secured the second spot.
  • The second half of the last day is rather uneventful. Team S8UL manage to win the 4th match on Bermuda with only 5 kills, followed by Life Hackers.
  • The fifth match on Purgatory is even weirder - it was claimed by Life hackers with only 4 frags.
  • Total Gaming won the last game of the final day with only 5 kills as well.
  • Team S8UL emerged victorious in the fourth match played in Bermuda with five kills, followed by Life Hackers.

Qualified teams for FFPL Grand Finals

The upcoming finals are going to be super exciting, with the best teams all over India participate.

  • Team Elite
  • 4 Unknown
  • Survivor 4am
  • Captains
  • Team Chaos
  • Last Breath
  • Total Gaming
  • S8UL
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Life Hackers
  • Tea D Esports

Fans can catch the streams on Free Fire Esports' official YouTube Account.

Watch the upcoming Grand Finals
Watch the upcoming FFPL 2021 Grand Finals in order to get these prizes for free!

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