The Mumbai Finals of Free Fire City Open 2021 is finally over. The fan-favorite 4Unknown - Galaxy Racer is crowned regional champion, earning the title of Mumbai Strikers. In this article, we are going to recap yesterday's matches and showcase the MVPs of the game.

Final Standings of FFCO Mumbai

4Unknown - Galaxy Racer (4UN GXR) completely dominates the tournament, with a whopping 96 points after 41 kills and 2 booyahs. The runner-up, 4xtraordinary, is nowhere near this, with only 21 kills and 67 points. TSG Army, the 3rd spot, is 1 point behind, despite scoring 10 more kills. The last team to be mentioned is the 4th place Eyes Esports, with 59 points.

Free Fire City Open Mumbai Final Standings
Galaxy Racer was India's representative for the World Championship this year.

Below is the prize pool distribution for Free Fire City Open Mumbai Finals:

  • Champion - 1,00,000 INR - 4 Unknown- Galaxy Racer (Qualified for National Championship Finals)
  • 2nd Place - 50,000 INR - 4xtraordinary (Qualified for City Play-ins)
  • 3rd Place - 25,000 INR - TSG Army (Qualified for City Play-ins)
  • 4th Place - 25,000 INR - Eyes Esports (Qualified in City Play-ins)

MVPs of the FFCO Mumbai Finals

The MVP of this tournament is Swastik from 4UN GXR, who responsible for 15/41 kills of the team and inflicting a whopping 8277 damage. This is 3k damage more than the second spot, 4XR.Anand. With only 5k damage, Anand is actually lower than the 3rd and 4th spots in effectiveness - he only last hit the kills.

Swastik deals an incredible amount of damage in the match.

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Free Fire City Open Mumbai Finals Recap

  • The first match in Bermuda was won by the Rebellions with 8 kill points. 4xtraordinary secured second place with 5 kills. Rebel from Rebellions bagged the MVP title with 4 kills.
  • The second match in Purgatory was claimed by TSG Army with a whopping 10 kills. Despite their early elimination, Rebellions still managed to get 9 kills to their name.
  • 4 Unknown- Galaxy Racer only began to rise from the third game onwards, with 12 kills on the desert of Kalahari. TSG Army secured the second spot with 10 kills. Swastik get the MVP with 5 frags.
FFCO Mumbai Finals map recap
Only Galaxy Racer managed to win more than 1 booyah.
  • The 4th match saw YKZ Seniors rise to the top with 7 kills. Eyes Esports, who managed to get 10 kills, is only on the 2nd spot. At this point, Galaxy Racer has only 52 points, right behind its biggest competitor TSG Army. However, their splendid performance in the last two matches took them to the top.
  • The fifth match was claimed by Galaxy racer with 10 frags. Bombay Fever who was eliminated early also managed to get 10 kills.
  • The last match of the day was won by 4xtraordinary  with 8 kills... however, the leaderboard was claimed by Galaxy Racer with a whopping 13.

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