Getting headshots is the quickest way to win a fight. While player's skill is a major factor in scoring headshots in Free Fire, the quality of their weapon also plays a role. Some weapons are better at scoring headshots than others.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best guns for headshots in Free Fire OB28. This is a combination of accuracy, range and fire rate. Each class will only feature one weapon on this list - otherwise, the Sniper Rifles would have claimed all the spots.

1 - AWM

The legendary AWM is one of the best long-range weapons in Free Fire. It has massive bonus crit damage on headshots the most out of all sniper rifles. One headshot with the AWM is more than enough for a kill, even if your target is wearing a level 3 helmet.

Lucky Koi Awm
Lucky Koi AWM

The reason behind its power is the super high accuracy (90) and range.

2 - M1887

If you are going to fish for headshots with a shotgun, the M1887 is probably your best bet. It has the highest damage per shot in the game, with extra armor penetration on top. You should be able to one-shot kill most targets with just a headshot.

Rapper Underworld M1887

Its lower spread is the reason why the M1887 is better than other guns in its class.

3 - Woodpecker

The deadly Woodpecker is one of the most accurate weapons and best guns for headshots in Free Fire, with a whopping 69 in accuracy. It performs extremely well in middle/long range combat, and the high armor penetration makes its headshot damage deadly as well.


The only drawback of the Woodpecker is its rarity. The gun has a low spawn rate.

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4 - M14

The M14 is probably the best gun for headshots in the AR class, with its high range and accuracy. While the M14's fire rate is rather low, it is still enough for you to finish your foe after a headshot. You can also get the variant with the Rage Core for a massive firing rate.

Egg Hunter M14 is great for Headshots in Free Fire.

The only weakness of the M14 is its lack of armor penetration.

5 - VSS

Amongst SMGs, the VSS is the only weapon with long range capability. Therefore, if you are aiming for headshots, going with the VSS is a no-brainer. While its fire rate is not as fast as other SMGs, you can still whittle down enemies at a decent rate. It might be a good idea to pull out an AR to finish your foe.

The Star Commander VSS

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