Snipers are very powerful in battle royales like Free Fire, with the ability to take out enemies from afar. Usually, people pick a close-range weapon to go with their snipers so that they can cover their bases. However, sometimes you see people with 2 AWMs running around and firing repeatedly, with seemingly no reload time.

In this article, we are going to showcase how to use 2 AWM in Free Fire without reloading.

2 AWM In Free Fire
Using 2 AWM In Free Fire looks cool but not many people know how to do it.

1 - How to use 2 AWM in Free Fire without reloading

The AWM is one of, if not the best long-range weapons in Free Fire, with high damage, high range and deadly headshot bonus. Its weaknesses are the lower fire rate and heavy weight - you can't fire the thing repeatedly. This is a deadly weakness and most AWM users carry other guns.


However, there is a trick that you can use to cut the reload frame of an AWM to shot repeatedly. It requires two AWMs and a bit of practice. Firstly, you need to change the Quick Sniping option in Settings from Normal into Hold fire to Scope. This is needed so that you can change weapons more easily.

Change the Quick Sniping option
Change the Quick Sniping option to use 2 AWM in Free Fire without reloading.


To perform the trick, you need to hold the fire button while doing this sequence: Shoot -> Change Weapon -> Change Weapon -> Shoot again. Your hands need to be fast when changing weapons - this is the only way to skip the reload animation.

2 AWM trick
The 2 AWM trick requires constant practice.

As you have to hold the fire button constantly, the accuracy of your shot might be reduced somewhat, so don't rely on it too much. You also need to practice a lot as well, in order to get used to the trick. It is not something one can pick up in five minutes, but with frequent practice, you will master how to use 2 AWM in Free Fire without reloading soon.

2 - About the 2 AWM trick

It can work on any sniper rifles and not just the AWM. However, you need to have two of the same guns for it to work. The double weapon change will skip the reloading animation, enabling you to fire right away.

With the AWM being pretty rare, it is actually hard to perform this trick consistently. You might need to land on hot spots or use loadout items like Summon Airdrop or Resupply Map in order to get these guns.

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3 - How to make the 2 AWM trick more effective?

Besides knowing how to use two AWM in Free Fire without reloading, you need to equip some tips to make it more effective. Check them below!

Pick a good skill combo

It is vital that you grab some decent skills to use in a sniper combo. Rafael, Laura, Dasha and Maro are the best for this purpose. Laura and Dasha improve your accuracy and reduce recoil while Rafael gives you a free silencer. Maro is the best one yet, which gives you extra damage based on the distance to your target. As all snipers are long range weapons, this is highly effective.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael has the best skill for snipers.

Get attachments

Attachments are very important when using sniper rifles, especially the AWMs, as they can equip most attachments. The foregrip reduces weapon recoil while the muzzle provides you with extra effective range. High level magazines also decrease the AWM's reload time.

Weapon attachments in Free Fire
Weapon attachments in Free Fire

Pets to use

You need to land as fast as possible to get your hand on sniper rifles. In order to accomplish this, the Falco pet is needed. However, if someone else in your team already carries that pet, you can just get either Rockie or Detective Panda for some supportive bonuses.

Where to camp

To get kills with a sniper rifle, you need to predict the rotation of your enemies. Either camp the loot zone to wait for looting players or go for the route to the next safe zone. Chokepoints like bridges or large towns are easy to ambush spots.

Camping on the high ground waiting for enemies.

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When to move around the map

Try to make your move early on instead of waiting until the end of the countdown. Predict the next safe zone, set up a camp and wait for the enemies to get into your crosshair. This way you can get kills on escaping foes who are making their way to the safe zone.

Don't exchange fire (duel) for too long. Sometimes it is best to cut your losses and retreat.

Use the high ground

The high ground is the best friend to all players, especially when you are using snipers like the AWM. Firstly, it is usually hard for enemies to sneak up to you, due to the location being hard to get to. Secondly, you would be able to camp a much wider area and see through enemy covers. And lastly, you would be able to make your hitbox smaller by crouch or prone.

Going Prone
Going prone exchanges mobility for weapon stability.

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