Clash Squad is a separate mode in Free Fire, in which two teams are pitched against each other in a short battle inside a small area on the map. Because of this limitation, powerful skills in the normal battle royale mode are not nearly as strong in Clash Squad. The weapon roster in this mode is also different, with players buying guns in the shop.

In this article, we would list out the top 3 best skill combos in Free Fire to use in Clash Squad mode Season 7.

1 - Chrono + Antonio + Dasha + Shirou

With Clash Squad being round based, Chrono's high cooldown on his shield does not matter much. You would get enough of an advantage for your team after scoring just one kill with the skill. Antonio is also a great character in this mode, with his ability giving the player 50 extra HP every round.

Chrono's shield is no longer spammable, but that does not matter in this mode

Dasha and Shirou is a decent combo for shotguns and SMGs in close range, which are common weapons in this mode.

2 - Alok + Hayato + Jai + Kelly

This is the all-rounder combo for all loadouts and positions. Alok is the best skill for flanking while providing some extra heal. Jai and Hayato give some extra damage and the ability to fight against multiple enemies.

Dj Alok
Alok has always been one of the best characters in the game

Kelly tops it up with the extra speed... and if you have her awakened version, the extra damage after sprinting can be useful. It is fairly hard to use, however.

3 - Clu + Maro + Rafael + Laura

With the various buffs in OB28, Clu's ability has finally become useful. You can use her scan to locate enemies who are trying to flank and pre-aim at that location to wait for them. This combo works best on sniper rifles and assault rifles, which can only be bought in later rounds of the match.

Clu Free Fire
Clu is very useful in team modes like Clash Squad

All three abilities of Maro, Rafael and Laura increase your long-range weapon's effectiveness. The most useful is probably Rafael, as it lets you down enemies faster in squad mode. Maro's ability also synergizes with Clu's tracking - you get 3.5% more damage at max level.

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