Free Fire has a pretty robust weapon system, with a lot of guns that other battle royales do not have. However, people usually do not make use of everything - they usually just focus on the AR class, as they are the most versatile. Other weapons like SMGs or Shotguns are often neglected.

SMG Guns In Free Fire
Rafael holding 2 MP5s in combat

In this article, we will list all SMG guns in Free Fire and point out which one of them is the best. There are 2 main weapon slots in Free Fire - getting an SMG to use as a secondary is not a bad idea at all... and if you are good at spraying, they might even be more effective than ARs in close range.

1 - UMP

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet damage reduction. If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

SMG in Free Fire
The strongest UMP skin in the game

The UMP also has the highest reload speed and movement speed in the class as well.

2 – CG15

A pretty special weapon in the SMG class - the CG 15 is a "long-range SMG" that can do really well in medium range due to its increased accuracy. This gun could almost be categorized as an assault rifle.

SMG in Free Fire
The CG15 looks pretty weird

The CG15 is actually a fictional high-tech weapon - there is no real-life equivalent of it... and because of that, it can do some pretty weird tricks. Using its special ability, CG15 users can charge for a few seconds and fire a high-damage bullet. An extended magazine is required when using the CG14, as its maximum magazine size is super small, at only 20.

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3 - MP5

The MP5 is a budget version of the UMP - without the armor penetration and high movement speed. However, its reload speed + firing speed combo is still pretty solid... and the MP5 doesn't actually need a foregrip, unlike the UMP, as its base accuracy is already high enough.

SMG in Free Fire
A top-tier Mp5 skin

A muzzle might also be pretty useful - the Mp5 has the highest range amongst weapons in the same role at 41... and boosting it even further is not a bad idea.

4 – MP40

The MP40 is the extreme end of the SMG class - it has the highest fire rate of any weapon in Free Fire... in exchange for one of the lowest effective ranges in the game. Using this gun, you can discharge a very rapid burst of DPS at a close enemy.

SMG in Free Fire
One of the best MP40 skin from Incubator

Because of its insane damage, a lot of people like the MP40. If you are using it, try to get a weapon stock and an extra magazine to improve its spam ability even further.

5 - P90

The P90 is probably the weakest weapon in the SMG class - it does not have armor penetration reload speed or range... anything the P90 could do, the other guns could do better. Overall, you could consider it a midway choice between the MP5 and the MP40... when you need about the same level of damage as the MP5 but at a slightly higher range.

SMG in Free Fire
The new P90 skin in the Money Heist event

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6 - VSS

The most special weapon in this class - in other games, it is actually considered a sniper rifle or assault rifle. The VSS's main feature is the ability to snipe from afar - it comes equipped with its own scope right from the start... and with 82 range, it could snipe as well as any AR.

SMG in Free Fire
The VSS is a mini sniper rifle

The VSS's damage stat is rather lacking, however - it has only 54, rather low for something with less than average fire rate. This is why people usually want to get a real sniper rifle like the M14 and just skip this.

7 - Thompson

If you have played Clash Squad, you should be pretty familiar with the Thompson. Overall, this gun is at about the same position as the P90 - the midway choice between the MP5 and MP40. However, with the ability to equip a foregrip and muzzle, the Thompson has a much higher range and better stability.

SMG in Free Fire
Thompson is a pretty old gun in real life

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