The early game is probably the most important phase in Free Fire. If you managed to perform well, you would be able to come out on top during the later phases and eventually get the Booyah. In this article, we would list out the 4 most important things you need to take note of when landing and gather items in the first 5 minutes of the game.

1 - Where to land on the map

While landing, if possible, try to land on top of a multi-story building and loot it from the top to bottom then switch. This way you would be able to save time moving around buildings.

Try to get onto the ground immediately while gliding - if an enemy land before you, move to a nearby location. If you get to the ground first, you would be able to grab the nearest weapon and attack the unarmed foes who have just landed.


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2 – Grab a weapon first

Focus on getting a good weapon and ammunition first before anything else if there are people nearby. Otherwise, you can take it easy. The order for collecting items is Weapon/Ammo > Backpack > Medkit > Helmet > Vest. You can begin to fight after all those items are acquired. However, if you haven't gotten an AR yet, keep looking.


3 – Scout the nearby zones

If you land on popular zones like Katulistiwa or Pochinok, prepare to fight at all times, as enemies are always going to be there. Try to collect the needed items then either retreat or camp in some buildings.


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4 – Don't be greedy or careless

Always take a moment to check out the situation before firing. For example, if your weapon does not have enough range, it is best to approach them instead of shooting right away and blow your position. If you manage to get a kill, take a moment to see if there are anyone nearby - don't be too greedy for their loot. The dead enemy or an airdrop crate could be used as a bait for your foes.


If you have to move in the open, it is best to sprint instead of walk, as it would be much harder for people to snipe a moving target.

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