Kalahari is the newest and least popular map in Free Fire... and because of that, not many people have been able to get familiar with the various locations yet. In order to be the last one standing in Free Fire, knowing the map is crucial. In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Free Fire Kalahari map hiding places so that you could get some advantage over your foes.

Most of these locations are on the high ground and therefore perfect for camping and sniping. Usually, players would not focus on the vertical angles that much and just focus on the ground - you would be safe up there.

Kalahari map
The Desert-themed Kalahari map is somewhat smaller than Bermuda and Purgatory

1 - Second floor of the council hall

This location is on the northeast part of the map. The council hall is pretty popular due to the great quality of gears that spawn there. Try to find a pile of tires in there and jump on top of them - you would be able to get to the second floor of the area (the stairs are broken).

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

Once you managed to get to the roof, try to find a good location to set up an ambush for unsuspecting enemies.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

Lying prone is the optimal way to do here, as enemies would not be able to detect you from below.

People usually would not notice this location

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2 – Top of the giant skeleton in mammoth

This is the strangest site on the Kalahari map - it is covered with a giant skeleton that's too big for any real animal (not even dinosaurs are that big) placed next to a hill. Mammoth is pretty remote - not many people would be there.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
The spine of the giant skeleton

Try to climb to the top of the nearby hill and from that spot, jump to the skeleton's spine. From that vantage point, you would be able to snipe everything nearby. The hardest part about this is the tedious hill-climbing. Just be careful while on top of the skeleton, as you would die if fallen off.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
Mammoth is the weirdest place on this map

3 - Top of the Sub

This is probably one of the most unique locations on the map, as you usually would not see a deep-sea submarine stranded in the desert every day. This might imply that the area was previously submerged in water.

This location is on the south side of the Kalahari map and on a fairly popular drop zone (due to the fact that the loot is easy to find here). You need to be careful when scouting out this location as enemies might already get to it first. If someone gets to the top of the sub before you, they would be able to target you without much problem.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
Maybe the Kalahari region was submerged just a few years ago

The secret hiding location is on the top of the sub. You need to be careful when jumping as falling down from that height would kill your character immediately. Once you are on top, just go prone and scout the arena for enemies.

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4 - The mountain cliff next to the Refinery

From the top of the platform, you can try to drop down to the ridge below on the mountain's side. You would be able to hide between the pillars when you are down there, sniping targets on the ground below.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
The refinery is probably the best Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

The Refinery is also one of the most popular locations on the map due to it being in the center. If you managed to hide here, it would probably be safe for the majority of the match.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places

5 - The top of any palm tree on the map

This is actually a super unexpected place for you to be in - the only way to get up there is to use a catapult. Vision is restricted when you are up there, as the leaves would obstruct your view of the scenery around. Overall, this spot is more of a temporary hiding location that you can jump down if enemies get near your location.

Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
Use the Catapult to get to Free Fire hiding places in Kalahari map
Free Fire Kalahari Map Hiding Places
It is pretty difficult to look around on the top of the tree

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