Elite Pass is probably the best monetary system that a game could have - people can just pay a small amount of money then play to unlock all the bonuses. Free Fire's Elite Pass system was added to the game 10 months after its release, in June 2018. Since then, 29 seasons have passed. In this article, we would list out Free Fire All Elite Pass Dress From Season 1 To 29.

Season 1: Kitsune (June 2018)

Hardly anyone bought this pass back then - and because of this, the Sakura Blossom bundle has become one of the rarest items in Free Fire.

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass
Kitsune (June 2018)

Season 2: Hip Hop (July 2018)

Weirdly enough, people mistook this pass for the season 1 one and asked the devs about having to buy the season 1 pass another time.

Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass
Hip Hop (July 2018)

Season 3: Doomsday Madness (August 2018)

A Mad Max style pass with the theme of the apocalyptic wasteland - this is the first pass with a surfboard skin.

Free Fire Season 3 Elite Pass
Doomsday Madness (August 2018)

Season 4: Royal Revelry (September 2018)

"Royal" themed season with sets that let players dress up as kings and queens.

Free Fire Season 4 Elite Pass
Royal Revelry (September 2018)

Season 5: Pirates Legend (October 2018)

A pirate-themed season in which players would be able to dress up like pirates.

Free Fire Season 5 Elite Pass
Pirates Legend (October 2018)

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Season 6: Arcade Mayhem (November 2018)

Arcade mayhem is the first elite pass with the preorder bonus system.

Free Fire Season 6 Elite Pass
Arcade Mayhem (November 2018)

Season 7: Steampunk Revolution (December 2018)

This is a Steampunk themed season - it is the first elite pass with a story.

Free Fire Season 7 Elite Pass
Steampunk Revolution (December 2018)

Season 8: Impulsive Shock (January 2019)

The first cyberpunk-themed season in Free Fire.

Free Fire Season 8 Elite Pass
Impulsive Shock (January 2019)

Season 9: Bomb Squad (February 2019)

The first season with the Bomb Squad mode - one of the fan-favorite mode in Free Fire.

Free Fire Season 9 Elite Pass
Bomb Squad (February 2019)

Season 10: Anubis Legends (March 2019)

The first Egyptian themed season - however, both sets look rather futuristic and ornate.

Free Fire Season 10 Elite Pass
Anubis Legends (March 2019)

Season 11: Dragon Slayers (April 2019)

This pass is fantasy based - with black sets of armor inspired by dragons.

Free Fire Season 11 Elite Pass
Dragon Slayers (April 2019)

Season 12: Wrath Of The Wild (May 2019)

This season is more or less inspired by the Marvel Comics character Black Panther.

Free Fire Season 12 Elite Pass
Wrath Of The Wild (May 2019)

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Season 13: Rampage Redemption (June 2019)

This Rampage season pass is the first time the Rampage mode is introduced into the game.

Free Fire Season 13 Elite Pass
Rampage Redemption (June 2019)

Season 14: Primal Hunter (July 2019)

The worst elite pass ever created - a lot of players were mad about its low quality.

Free Fire Season 14 Elite Pass
Primal Hunter (July 2019)

Season 15: Sandstorm Warriors (August 2019)

Another Mad Max style pass - it has a pretty high quality to make up for the previous pass. Sandstorm Warrior also introduces the Kalahari map.

Free Fire Season 15 Elite Pass
Sandstorm Warriors (August 2019)

Season 16: Gunslinger (September 2019)

This is the first and only free Elite Pass in Free Fire to this day.

Free Fire Season 16 Elite Pass
Gunslinger (September 2019)

Season 17: Blood Demon (October 2019)

This elite pass is Japanese themed with blood demons and samurais.

Free Fire Season 17 Elite Pass
Blood Demon (October 2019)

Season 18: Death Penalty (November 2019)

A pretty intriguing pass with spike all over - it is probably based on sports players.

Free Fire Season 18 Elite Pass
Death Penalty (November 2019)

Season 19: Ghost Pirates (December 2019)

The second Pirate themed pass can be mix and match with the previous one pretty well.

Free Fire Season 19 Elite Pass
Ghost Pirates (December 2019)

Season 20: Shadow Combat (January 2020)

This Elite Pass is focused on the Ninja theme instead of the usual samurais.

Free Fire Season 20 Elite Pass
Shadow Combat (January 2020)

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Season 21: T.R.A.P. Revolution (February 2020)

There were a lot of skins and costumes released as part of this “T.R.A.P” event - it was based on Free Fire's first soundtrack music video.

Free Fire Season 21 Elite Pass
T.R.A.P. Revolution (February 2020)

Season 22: Wasteland Survivors (March 2020)

A continuation of the season 3 and 18 passes - this is yet another post-apocalyptic themed elite pass.

Free Fire Season 22 Elite Pass
Wasteland Survivors (March 2020)

Season 23: Agent Paws (April 2020)

This Cat-themed Elite Pass is pretty well-received by fans, especially the preorder bonus backpack.

Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass
Agent Paws (April 2020)

Season 24: Forsaken Creed (May 2020)

The first season with Chinese based sets.

Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass
Forsaken Creed (May 2020)

Season 25: Fabled Fox (June 2020)

The season 25 pass looks almost like the very first pass of Free Fire from season 1.

Free Fire Season 25 Elite Pass
Fabled Fox (June 2020)

Season 26: Rampage II: Uprising (July 2020)

An upgrade to the previous Rampage pass.

Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass
Rampage II: Uprising (July 2020)

Season 27: Sushi Menace (August 2020)

The current Season 27 pass brought us back to Japan - with the theme being Japanese food.

Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass
Sushi Menace (August 2020)

Season 28: Celestial Street (September 2020)

Celestial Street is yet another Japanese themed event - but it is somewhat futuristic this time instead of traditional themed like the previous events.

Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass
Celestial Street (September 2020)

Season 29: Anubis Legends II (October 2020)

Season 29 of Free Fire is the sequel of season 10 back in March 2019, continuing the Ancient Egypt theme... but with a somewhat futuristic touch.


Final Thoughts About Free Fire All Elite Pass Dress List

If you are going to buy diamonds, getting a Free Fire Elite Pass is probably the best investment.

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