Similar to other popular battle royale games, Free Fire has a huge player base in India (especially after PUBG Mobile's demise). This leads to a massive audience base on various streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook. This rapid growth has enabled various Free Fire content creators to become super big and famous.

Two-Side Gamers is one of the most successful amongst them - currently, they are the second largest YouTube content creators in the Indian scene, just a bit behind Total Gaming. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire TSG Army.

1 - About Free Fire TSG Army

Currently, the clan has a big lineup of core members, enough to be divided into 2 squads: TSG Army and TSG United.

UnnamedThere are a lot of members in TSG Army Clan
There are a lot of members in TSG Army Clan

You can find the YouTube channels of TSG members by browsing their names on YouTube. Currently, there are 8 TSG members with separate channels outside of the Main "Two-Side Gamers" channel: TSG Ritik, TSG Jash, TSG Agent, TSG Stoner, TSG Legend, TSG Mann, TSG Ronish, TSG Daksh & Abhee.

tsg army free fire id
TSG Army Free Fire ID: the YouTube Channels of the Two Side Gamers clan

TSG Army has participated in multiple Free Fire tournaments - their biggest achievement is the 12th place finish in Free Fire Asia Invitational 2019, bringing home 1000 dollars. Their lineup for the tournament was Ritik, Vasiyo, Shahid and GURKIRAT_S. It is unknown why Jash did not participate in the tournament.

free fire tsg army clash squad
Free Fire TSM Army Clash Squad: The tournament lineup of the TSG Army Clan

TSG Army has not had any notable achievement this year - they weren't able to qualify for the Free Fire India Championship 2020's final rounds. It is yet to be seen if TSG Army would be able to rise again.

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2 - About TSG Jash

TSG Jash (real name: Jash Dhoka) is one half of Two-Side Gamers and the leader of TSG Army Guild. His Free Fire ID is 123643969.

TSG Jash's UID in Free Fire
TSG Jash's UID in Free Fire

TSG Jash's Lifetime Stats

TSG Jash has played over 6500 squad matches and wins 1538 of them, which results in a remarkable win rate of 24%. Jash also maintained a decent K/D ratio of 3.1, with 15424 kills scored in all matches.

In Duo mode, Jash has completed 2440 matches and win 250 of them. Additionally, he has 107 Booyahs to his name after 1305 matches in solo mode. Free Fire pros usually play Squad most of the time instead of solo - that's why their solo/duo match counts are so low.

TSG Jash's in game stats
TSG Jash's in game stats

TSG Jash's Ranked Stats

In the current season's ranked mode, Jash has played 179 squad matches and won 48 of them, with a decently high K/D of 3.23. The guy also played 28 Duo matches with 5 Booyahs and 90 kills, results in a whopping 3.91 K/D

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3 - About TSG Ritik

TSG Ritik (real name: Ritik Jain) is one half of Two-Side Gamers and the second leader of TSG Army Guild. His Free Fire ID is 124975352.

TSG Ritik's UID in Free Fire
TSG Ritik's UID in Free Fire

TSG Ritik's Lifetime Stats

TSG Ritik has completed 9054 games in squad mode and gotten 1871 wins out of them... which leads to a win rate of 20.67%. In those 9k matches, he has scored a whopping 21671 kills, results in an amazing K/D ratio of 3.04. Ritik deals 1003 damage per match played overall.

Ritik has had 2271 duo matches and gotten Booyah in 251 of them, maintaining a decent K/D ratio of 2.14 with a total of 4315 kills. Additionally, out of the 839 solo games he has played, Ritik has won 53 of them, with 1630 kills in total for a K/D ratio of 2.07.

TSG Ritik's in game stats
TSG Ritik's in game stats

TSG Ritik's Ranked Stats

In the current ranked season, Ritik has played a total of 179 squad games and won 44 of them, which leads to a win rate of 24.58%. His K/D has been exceptionally high recently, with 654 kills or 4.84 kills per match.

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4 - About Two-Side Gamers' Main Youtube Channel

Ritik and Jash run the Two-Side Gamers channel together - they have been making videos on YouTube since October 2018. Currently, the channel has 5.83 million subscribers and a whopping 944 videos - in total, they have accumulated over 650 million views.

5 - TSG Ritik vs TSG Jash, who's better?

While both Jash and Ritik are extremely good players with excellent skills and stats, Jash has slightly better overall stats than Ritik. From Squad to Solo and Duo... to even Ranked mode, Jash has better stats in all categories.

TSG Ritik Vs TSG Jash
TSG Ritik Vs TSG Jash: Who's the better player?

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