People have a hard desire to get to the top of the ladder from the beginning of creating the ranking system in computer games, which can be assumed as MMR in Dota2 or ranks in CS:GO. In Dota2 MMR is a numerical representation of your skill level, which you can increase by winning a match. So, how can we really get your MMR rising through your Dota2 matches?

As a high-level player with experience in games with a rating of 6500 MMR and cooperation with professional players, I will give you some tips to improve in ranking matches.

#1. Minimap is a key for improving gaming

How often were you dying because of suddenly appeared enemy heroes on your lane, ganking you all the time? How many matches in Dota2 did you lose because of not taking part in some important team fight?

There is a simple solution to make things go in another way - track your minimap all the time. In professional Dota2 games, the winner is that team who can predict their opponent's moves better. So you need to keep attention to such points during your gaming session:

  • Setup of enemy heroes (how fast they can reach you in case of need);
  • Rotations of your team and enemy;
  • Blind spots on the map without a vision - to be careful crossing it;
  • Free farming spots to gain an advantage.
Dota 2 Photo 1
Whatever game you play, think of strategies for it.

#2. Watch professional's Dota2 matches to be a good player

One of the really practical things to do while you have no time for playing or just want to have a rest from the game - is to watch Dota 2 professional matches. It can be as streams of players from teams as tournament events in Dota 2. If you don't know where to watch, here is Dota 2 upcoming matches list.

Watching pro matches will give you an understanding of builds for heroes, their role through the game, and tricks, which you may notice playing with a specific hero. A professional will comment on all these during his game, which will impact your game following.

#3. Think about items you buy

One of the points in Dota 2 matches is to schedule to buy items that will definitely help you to win fights, contests, or even games. There are plenty of useful artifacts you can purchase during your match, which will increase your results in Dota2. Now I am not speaking about desolator on Phantom Assassin or Radiance on Wraith King, but something that will increase your fighting potential and give your whole team an advantage.

Some items in the game can boost your character by spending on them much less money than you can think, such as:

  • Yasha, which will give you move speed and attack speed, which will increase your farming;
  • Vanguard with upgrading to Crimson Guard will provide an advantage to your team, perfect for 4th and 3rd position;
  • The hood of Defiance with upgrading to Pipe is excellent against magic picks.
Dota 2 Photo 2
Not all items are useful for your fight, be selective.

#4. Always have an advantage

Do you believe that you and only you can manage your score in Dota2? I believe so.

It would help if you stuck to a rule to obtain a good result from your match - fight when you are ready, farm when you are not. On average, people make a common mistake at 5000 MMR and lower - fighting without resources (ultimates, mana, and even health).

Chances for you to win such a fight is meager, in addition to that, you will lose your advantage, or make your situation worse, making it much more complicated to solve during the ranked game. If you watch professional gaming, you will see that they decide not to risk but to fight another team with all tools they have: smokes, runes, invisibility, traps, momentum.

#5. Farm is a universal tool

All of you know that you need to farm to gain items in Dota 2 games, which will lead you to a stronger character. It will help you to win a fight and then hopefully win a match. You already know the key to winning, so why do you don't use that?

Dota 2 Photo 3
Farming is a crucial factor to gain advantage in the game.

There are plenty of things going on during the match which can attract you: fights, ganks, Roshan, calls of your teammates - all these will distract you from the main point of gaining an advantage to overcome the enemy team. While watching professional games, we see that all characters are trying to farm every free second they can. Supports, carry, midlane, hard lane, - all need items to kill, initiate and save. Each gold can become a win of a fight. Each victory of a battle can become a winner of a game.

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