Team S8UL is no doubt one of the most popular esports organizations in India. It was founded and owned by the 3 famous PUBG Mobile pro players, 8bit Thug, 8bit Goldy, and Soul Mortal. These players have won many big PUBG Mobile tournaments and they all have successful streaming careers. Recently, on the S8UL YouTube channel, they have uploaded a video, revealing the S8UL gaming house.

The video is labeled as "The Most Luxurious Gaming Facility in India". It is a tour video that will take you through the 15,000 sq. ft luxurious gaming space for S8UL content creators and players.

Take a look at team S8UL gaming house

8Bit Thug is the one who starts the tour with an introduction to the S8UL gaming house in the waiting lobby. He then leads the viewers to a big living room where you can see the trophies and the pictures of S8UL members. This is where S8UL members socialize and eat. Naman Mathur, also known as MortaL, then shows the viewer the kitchen and the bedroom of S8UL players.

S8ul gaming house
The main hall of the hall is for people to socialize

On the second floor, there is a big pool table in the middle and there are many rooms for content creators. This floor is called "Sleeping Den", where content creators can rest and sleep.

S8ul Pool Table
On the second floor, there is a big pool table in the middle of the room

The third floor is where content creators work in their own separated rooms. Each content creator will have their own setup, where they create their own personal flair for their work.

Team Soul Gaming House
Each person has their own small working space

At the end of the tour, 8bit Goldy shows the viewers an unused room, which is a room for their Valorant roster. The video ends with him talking about their future plan with an upcoming mobile esports roster and new merchandise.

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