Esports gamer can be a career for pro gamers to pursue and also get rich. There are many popular esports games for you to master and become one of the top esports players in the world. Check out the most popular esports games, get esports promo codes, use a 1XBET promo code, and earn money from betting.

#1. PUBG Games

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is one of the most popular esports games in the world. PUBG PC is developed by KRAFTON and PUBG Mobile is developed by Tencent. These game publishers often hold many esports events every year. For example, PGI.S is taking place with a giant price pool of $6,063,726 USD. Besides, PMCO is the most popular PUBG Mobile esports event in India and all over the world.

Pubg Esports Tournament
PUBG Esports Tournaments are held every year.

#2. Free Fire

It's the most popular mobile battle royale game in India, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, and many other countries in the world. Garena also holds many Free Fire esports tournaments every year. For example, Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is going to be kicked off next month. This tournament will take place in many regions, including Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 22 Free Fire teams from 13 regions will compete for a great prize pool of US$2,000,000.

Free Fire Tournaments
You can watch Free Fire Tournaments on live-stream and bet on your team.

In addition, Free Fire All-Stars will feature the most popular Free Fire professional esports players. You can watch a lot of exciting matches and spectate amazing gameplay and great skills of pro players in India and in the world in that Free Fire esports event. Besides, many players can also earn money from betting online in India. For example, bet some cash on 1XBET and you will get double, triple, or more if you win.

#3. League Of Legends

The heat of LOL in Asia and other regions in the world has been raised after the 2020 Season World Championship last year. LOL esports players are getting better every season with more mind-blowing skills, strategies, and spectacular combat and performances. It makes this esports game more interesting and popular in the world.

Lol Esports
LOL esports events are getting more attention.

Moreover, a lot of pro players and streamers are playing this game on their live-stream and boosting the LOL community to raise the popularity of this game. Besides, the publisher of LOL, Riot Games, is working hard to create a large universe for this strategy game. Why don't you try to become a pro esports player in LOL or pro analyst? It's a very promising and interesting career.

#4. DOTA

This online battle arena game is also one of the most popular esports games in the world. A lot of DOTA pro players are influencers in the game world now. DOTA is also one of the best esports games for pro analysts like you to earn money from betting. Put some online cash on the team you trust and wait to get profit from your bet.

DOTA is also one of the most popular esports games in the world.

It's pretty easy to get rich from DOTA Esports. If you are pro players, you can compete in pro teams, join some annual esports tournaments held by Valve Corp., defeat all the opponents, and get the highest prize for the winner. Or else, you can also bet on your favorite team and earn a profit when they win. Besides, there are many random matches to use esports promo codes on 1XBET to bet and get daily money.

#5. PES

Pro Evolution Soccer, a.k.a PES, is one of the most popular online football games in the world. It makes the dream of many football lovers come true because they can play as if they were professional footballers and coaches when sitting in front of the screen. There are many PES cups for pro players to join, compete, and get rewards. Or else, you can also earn money from betting on 1XBET.

Pes Esports
PES is one of the most popular online football games.

Esports games are getting more popular these days because pro players can make money from this work. Those are the top esports games that you can play, get pro, and join big esports tournaments in the world. Or else, you can also become a millionaire just by betting on the right teams or players.