The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has announced that esports will be recognized as an official sport and the Esports Federation of India or ESFI will be the governing body of Indian esports. This decision was a part of the talks of the Indian Parliament about gaming and esports policy in India.

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The Esports Federation of India or ESFI will be the governing body of Indian esports

Esports will be in the category of the Asian Games 2022 in China in September. It is not sure how many titles will be included in the event though.

The request for esports to become an official sport in India is currently pending but it will be "positively considered" in the next meeting.

“The IOA would have no say in the team selection for the next Asian games. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has authorized the Asian Esports Federation for it and the AEF has in turn given the responsibility to the ESFI. The IOA’s duty is to ensure the entry of teams in Asian Games and other such mega-events”.

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The esports industry is growing fast and is expected to reach $1.6 in value in 2023

It is only a matter of time that esports will become an official sport given how big the esports industry is now. The esports industry was valued at $950 million in 2020 and according to experts, it will reach $1.6 billion in value in 2023. The esports industry is expected to grow really fast in the upcoming years.

The biggest esports title in India was PUBG Mobile with an insane number of players but it has been banned in September 2020, which put a lot of pro players, teams, and streamers in hardship. Even though has announced the return of the game, PUBG Mobile still has no sign of return after 2 months.

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