Garena Free Fire is, as of now, the biggest name in the world of mobile Battle Royale. Over the last couple of years, the game has experienced incredible growth in both popularity and revenue. It went on to be the world's most downloaded game on Google Play Store in 2 consecutive years, 2019 and 2020.

Free Fire War Chest Loot
Find War Chests on the map for loot

One of the driving factors that lead to Free Fire's success is indeed the periodical update feature. The devs like to make sure players never run out of things to try in the game.

Most recently, as a part of the OB26 Update, Free Fire introduces a new item called War Chests. Let's dive deep into all the details you may have missed about this item.

War Chests in Free Fire OB26 Update

As the patch notes stated, the War Chest comes to life as a way to tackle the uneven distribution of loot. The game developers realized that players could not find sufficient loot in outdoor areas. Hence, in this patch, they add War Chests in several locations on the map to even out the battlefield.

War Chests are available in both Ranked and Casual modes. They contain a decent loot, consisting of firearms and gears. Players can simply collect these items by opening the chests.

The war chest in Free Fire
War Chests are found in outdoor areas in Free Fire

This new feature may change the whole face of Garena Free Fire. War Chest locations can be the next hot-drop zone for players. Instead of looting the entire area for items, survivors now just have to pop the chests and collect what's inside.

The addition of War Chests into the game may result in more intense early fights.

Free Fire War Chest Ob 26
War Chests are only a part of the new update

Apart from this, the OB26 Update also brings about numerous other changes. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Batou - New Training Grounds
  • New System - Revival Point
  • New Item - Revival Card
  • Enable High FPS and Shadow Functions for all devices.
  • Free Fire now supports login via Twitter.
  • New Free Look Option
  • New Weapons - MAG-7 Shotgun