Miguel is one of the oldest and most favorite characters in Free Fire. He is a strong soldier with the special ability Crazy Slayer. Here are the five most convincing reasons why you should use this character in this game.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Free Fire Miguel

Firstly, this powerful soldier has an insane skill named Crazy Slayer. This passive skill helps him get 30 to 80 EP from a kill. It means the more enemies he kills, the stronger he is. Therefore, this character is a great choice for aggressive gamers.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel is a commander with Crazy Slayer skill.

Secondly, his ability is also useful for intense Clash Squad games. You cannot use consumables to heal in those fierce matches. Therefore, Miguel is one of the best choices for Free Fire Clash Squad mode thanks to his skill.

Crazy Slayer Skill
The Crazy Slayer Skill Of Miguel Made Him A Great Choice For Aggressive Players.

Thirdly, Miguel is a strong character for close-combat. He is a suitable character for tankers and scouts in squad mode. With powerful assault rifles and Miguel, you can clear some enemies and get EP from those kills to continue to combat without having to stop to heal. If there is one enemy alive, you can fail to clutch because of low HP.

Miguel Gets Ep From Kills
Miguel Gets EP From Kills.

In addition, you can combine Miguel's Crazy Slayer skill with Kelly's, DJ Alok's, and Caroline's abilities. The Dash of Kelly will make you move faster to dodge bullets and approach enemies from an unexpected direction. Caroline's Agility helps you move faster when holding a shotgun to deal with close-range combat. Besides, the skill Drop the Beat of DJ Alok is very useful in squad rush if Miguel goes with another tanker or scout.

Carolines Skill Boost His Close Combat Ability
Caroline's Skill Boosts His Close Combat Ability

Miguel is a perfect choice for both solo and squad mode. His skill helps you save a lot of time in recovering after each 1vs1 match. Besides, he will be a good tanker in the squad and make some clutches and highlights.