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What Is BR Mode In Free Fire?

BR stands for Battle Royale, the most-played and spiritual game mode in Free Fire. It's the classic mode in this game which has three maps, including Kalahari, Bermuda, and Purgatory. The game has updated the legendary map Bermuda 2.0 with a lot of new places and more stunning graphics.

Free Fire Battle Royale Mode
Battle Royale Mode is the most-played and spiritual game mode in Free Fire.

The BR mode features multiplayer gameplay that lets you team up or meet other players from all over the world. You and 49 players will be dropped on an isolated abandoned island that the mystery organization named Free Fire uses to test their guinea-pigs. You are one of 50 guinea-pigs in this experiment that Free Fire kidnapped and dropped on this island.

To leave the battleground, you have to clear all other guinea-pigs and try to be the last survivor on the map. Players will loot supplies, weapons, armors, bullets, and also vehicles to kill enemies, heal when getting injured, and move faster on the map. The rare weapons and ammo will be dropped on the map periodically in the supply crates. However, looting this crate is pretty risky.

Besides, you need both skills and strategies to win in this mode. Combat skills are very important in 1v1 or 1v49 engagements. Besides, you also need to draw a good plan to drop, move, and dodge early combat when you are not really well-prepared. Here are the survivor rules and some latest tips and tricks to win this mode in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Battle Royale Rule

The main target of this survival game is trying to survive. In Free Fire battle royale mode, your character has only one life to try. If you are killed, you will come back to the lobby without Booyah. Here are some rules of this game that new players should keep in mind.

  • You can grab one main gun, one back-up gun, one pistol, and one melee weapon at once.
4 Weapon Slots
There are 4 weapon slots only.
  • The slots for supplies in the backpack are limited. If your backpack is full, remove some less necessary items to get loot new items.
  • You can use med-kits, drinks, or pick mushrooms on the map to heal your HP.
Loot Weapon And Armor First
Loot Weapon And Armor First
  • SMGs use SMG ammo, ARs use AR ammo, and SRs use sniper ammo. There is no specific ammo for a single gun except for AWM which only uses AWM ammo.
  • The health of armor represents the damage it can reduce for your body. If it's totally damaged, you get 100% damage from the enemy's shots.
Mushroom For Healing
You can also pick the mushroom to heal
  • Vehicles often spawn by the way or in some compounds. Normal weapons and supplies are spawned in houses and compounds. If you kill one enemy, you can also get his supplies in the enemy's death crate.
Find A Cover
There are many places and items that you can use as a cover.
  • The area of the playing zone will be reduced gradually. You have to stay inside the white circle to be safe from the electric zone that can cause damage to players outside the playing zone. The damage to players by the electric zone also increases gradually.
Vehicles Are Spawned
Vehicles Are Spawned Near Houses And Compounds
  • Unlike in other battle royale games, each character has a unique skill and can combine it with three other skills of three other characters. Besides, you can bring a pet with a special ability to support you on the battleground. In addition, the skins also make the weapons more powerful or accurate.
Keep an eye on the mini-map to know the place of the playing zone.

Garena Free Fire Battle Royale Tips

There are many tips to win in the battle royale mode. Here are the latest tips for new players to get Booyah in this game.

  • Keep an eye on the minimap to know the place of the playing zone and predict the next zone to move before others to get an advantage.
  • Only use the vehicle to move when you are very far from the playing zone because moving by vehicle is noisy, so you can unveil your position.
Master Your Favorite Weapons
You need both skills and strategies to win every combat and survive on the battleground
  • Occupy high place to shoot down with greater advantage. Moreover, when you are at a higher place, it's harder for the enemies to shoot you.
  • You should keep your HP bar full so that you will engage in combat with full advantage. Besides, you should find a good cover when healing, such as in a house or behind a Gloo wall. Make a Gloo wall to hide if you want to pick the mushroom to heal in the open ground.
Using Vehicle Can Reveal Your Position
Using Vehicle Can Be Risky Because The Noise Can Unveil Your Position
  • Make sure that you have enough weapons and armor before engaging because you may be killed soon. To win this battle royale mode, you should try to survive instead of engaging for kills. Don't be greedy for kills.
You Have To Survive To Win
You Have To Survive To Win In Free Fire Battle Royale Mode.
  • Master your favorite guns and select a proper squad role to play base on your personal skill. For example, you are good at bullet spraying in close combat, you should play the role of a fragger or scout in your squad. If you have a good gaming skill and sniping skill, you should choose the role of sniper or supporter.

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