With the recent release of The International 2019 Battle Pass yesterday, the prize pool increase from the Compendium skyrocketed. This clearly shows how enthusiastic Dota 2 fans around the world can get for the event. Most choose to join contribute to the end prize pool by purchasing a Battle Pass level 1 for around $10 to enjoy some privileges in-game.

Meanwhile, a very famous figure chose to upgrade it straight to level 15,000, which costs around $6000. For those who are unfamiliar with the mysterious Dota 2 figure, he is the Prince of Saudi Arabia, "Archangel_Yuji", Abdullah bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Saudi Prince Dota 2.

Saudi Prince Dota 2
Luxurious cosmic items featured in the prince's Dota 2 account

It was long ago confirmed that the owner of this Steam account is indeed the prince of the oil giant Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Prince Dota 2 was famous for leveling his 2017 and 2018 Battle Pass to 58,000 and 150,000 respectively, contributing the largest part to the prize pool those years, which is approximately $86,000. He also owns a large inventory with some of the rarest items ever created in the game. All those who find these amounts baffling can alwys choose to play at 10 euro deposit casino paysafecard. You still get to play and maybe if you hit jackpot, you can afford some of the stuff as the Prince… for a day at least.

Saudi Prince Dota 2
The prince must have got a hard time opening all these treasure chests
Saudi Prince Dota 2
His showcase with a fantastic collection of the most exclusive in-game cosmetic items.

Apparently, the Saudi Prince Dota 2 seems to be a fan of anime-ist games and characters as well. He also features items and products from many other animated games.

Saudi Prince Dota 2
Is the wealthy prince also a fan of anime?

The story fascinated Dota 2 fans as well since they were curious about why would one prince of such a wealthy nation have that great interest in the game. Some even joked that the Saudi Prince Dota 2 would have to hire people to open Battle Pass treasures for him as it will take days or even months to do so.

Some players who have played the game with the Prince told that he is actually a nice and fun person to hang out with.

"Dude has a genuine passion and money to spend. I see nothing wrong here. I'm actually a little bit envious, but I guess that's normal. Good for him!"

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