The second half of the Free Fire City Open Play-Ins has just ended yesterday. 12 squads from Lucknow, Chennai, Mumbai, and Vizag have competed over 6 matches. In this article, we are going to recap the event and list out everything you need to know about the winners and MVP.

FFCO Play-ins 2 Result

As expected from the start, team Elite dominates the second play-ins. They scored a total of 94 points, with 2 booyahs and 43 kills. Badge99 and Slumber Queen are far behind, with 71 points each. The other favorite, TSG Army, get 63 points and finished fourth, just enough to get in the next round. Raven Esports and 4Xtraordinary are 5th and 6th.

Finals Standing
Finals Standing of FFCO play-ins 2

FFCO Play-ins 2 MVPs

Pahadi from Team Elite was the star of the match with a whopping 16 kills and 7762 damage (which is 38 kills worth of damage!). His teammate, TE.ROP, claims the fourth spot with 13 kills. The runner-up is TSG Jarvis, who also has 16 kills but deals 3000 less damage - looks like the guy has been doing a lot of kill stealing in the match.

MVP Standings of FFCO Play-ins 2

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FFCO Play-ins 2 Recap

  • The first match on the classic island of Bermuda was claimed by Badge99 with 13 kills. TSG Army finished 2nd with 8. Despite getting eliminated early, Eyes Esports managed to score 6 frags.
  • The 2nd match played on Purgatory was won by Zila Ghaziabad by only 5 kills. They are the only eliminated team with a booyah. Fan-favorite Team Elite secured 2nd place with 6 frags. Survivor 4 AM, despite getting eliminated early, scored 7 kills.
  • Slumber Queen demolished everyone in the third match, played on the desert map of Kalahari. They got a whopping 16 kills, with Thangam alone took 7 frags and the MVP. Team Elite performing fairly well, with yet another second spot finish and 11 kills to their name. After the first half of the Play-Ins, team Elite led with 43 points, followed by Slumber Queen and Badge99 with 35 and 34 points respectively.
  • The second half of the Play-Ins is when team Elite beginning to make their move. They came out on top in both the fourth and sixth map, with seven and 10 frags respectively. In the fourth map, Badge99 played passively to get 2nd place with only 2 frags to their name. Slumber Queen was the runner-up in the sixth map, with 6 kills. Badge 99 has done their strategy really well - they managed to rank 2nd with only 26 kills, lower than the 4th spot.
  • The fifth map was won by Raven Esports with 11 frags. TSG Army came 2nd with 10 kills. This booyah let them advance to the Play-ins finals.

Qualified teams for the City Play-ins Finals

Based on their stellar performance, Team Elite is going to be the favorite once again in the upcoming Play-Ins finals.

  1. Team Elite
  2. Badge99
  3. Sumber Queen
  4. TSG Army
  5. Raven Esports
  6. 4Xtraordinary

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